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Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews

Photo of a toilet bowl.

This chemical free, magnet cleaner is said to be safe and effective. This guide is about Magnetic Toilet Bowl cleaner reviews.



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Question: Using a Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Do I take the plastic casing off the magnet or do I put the magnet, case and all, in the toilet bowl tank together. How long is it good for?


Question: Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Do Magnetic Toilet Bowl Cleaners really work? I have hard water stains and scale in my toilet bowls that is difficult to get out, even with a pumice stone.

Jenny from Nevada

Most Recent Answer

By Russell Childers12/07/2008

You can use Sno-bowl or The Works from Wal-Mart. Just pour a bucket of water in the bowl to empty it. Get all the water out and then squeeze in the blue liquid completely around the bowl. Let sit for 45 seconds and then flush. Easy and cheap as the product is less than $1 and has many rinses per bottle.