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Financial Responsibility for Funeral Costs

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Flowers on a grave.

Planning for your funeral expenses helps reduce the stress on your loved ones in their time of grief. This guide is about financial responsibility for funeral costs.



Here are questions related to Financial Responsibility for Funeral Costs.

Question: Financial Responsibility for Funeral Expenses

My ex-husband just passed and I was told by the funeral home that being that we were married 25 years and never married anyone else that I am responsible for half of the funeral expense. Is this true that there is a law for this?

    By Joyce L. [1]


    Most Recent Answer

    By cybergrannie [30]05/17/2015

    I certainly agree with everyone who posted about you NOT being responsible for any part of his funeral expenses.

    But I believe you should report the funeral home to your state/county legislators as they could just be trying to get "extra" money - maybe unbeknownst to his family. Either way - it is probably not totally legal. Reporting them may save some future family from being "threaten" into paying something they may/are not respnsible for.

    On the brighter side - seeing as how long you were married - you may be able to draw from his Social Security benefits (when you are eligible) that could (?) be higher than your personal benefits.
    Just a thought as this would only benefit you if his income over the years was higher than yours (or maybe even higher than a present husband). Only the SSA can give you answers to this question.

    Question: Financial Responsibility for Funeral Costs

    Who's responsible for a funeral when there is a spouse?

    By Linda


    Most Recent Answer

    By cettina [74]07/09/2010

    The fact that you are asking means that there is a problem somewhere. while the answers given are the best ones in the circumstances, it would be wise to make sure that you yourself wont have a problem like this ever! I have put aside money in a special bank account which i have told my daughter about, its actually written in my will with the a/c no. So that there will be no problems in the future and so that my ex-husband wont be able to touch them. they are written in my will as funeral expense account. Worth keeping in mind.

    Question: Who is Responsible for Funeral Expenses?

    My mother in-law remarried 8 years ago. They live in my mother's home and he will continue to live there after her death. She has let her life insurance lapse and she is now 80 years old. If she died first who should be responsible for paying for her funeral?

    By Harriet W.

    Most Recent Answer

    By joan [6]12/02/2014

    If the man she remarried is still alive, he is responsible for the costs of her funeral. Best to have a discussion with both of them. If she paid into the policy long term then there may be funds. You need to find that out.

    Question: Legal Responsibility for Funeral Expenses

    I am legally married to a woman who recently passed away. Her family decided to pull the plug and I was present during that decision. Now they want me to pay for her funeral, but we haven't been together for more than 14 years. Am I legally responsible to pay the funeral cost?

    By DP

    Most Recent Answer

    By elva09/24/2013

    Yes, some state the spouse is responsibility, and also you can donate the body to science and it want cost you a thing or you can just have the body burned and throw the ashes to the wind. Since you have been seperated for so long there may not be anything legally that ties you to her, her family can go half with you on the funeral, and I will check and see if there was an insurance policy!

    Question: Financial Responsibility for Funeral Costs

    If two people are not married who is legally responsible for funeral costs and medical bills?

    By Norma

    Most Recent Answer

    By Grandma J [46]10/26/2012

    Unless you have paper work drawn up, the information will be requested of your family. Get some power of att and executor work done at the lawyers. You might end up with a pauper's funeral or cremation when you want something else.

    Question: Who Is Responsible for Funeral Expences?

    My partner left his wife and came to live with me. We were together for 2 years. He never divorced is wife and he has now died. I've been told that his wife is the next of kin so she has to arrange the funeral and handle the cost. Is this right?

    By Luela from Lancashire

    Most Recent Answer

    By redhatterb [1]11/17/2013

    I would think that would be right, but then on other hand if she is resentful of the situation she might not be inclined to do so. That being said I would never admit to having a married man live with me. If his wife doesn't do the funeral and you don't want to do it, turn him over to the country as being indigent. Unless he has a bunch of money in savings and you can get to it, in which case use that. You aren't really entitled to have anything of his other than what you purchased together. Did he have a will and did he by any chance have pre-made funeral plans.

    Solutions: Financial Responsibility for Funeral Costs

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