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Tinkerbell the Cat

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Tinkerbell the Cat

Tinkerbell is almost 13 years old and although she will not answer to that name from me, she answers to the name "stupid" for me and me only. She is a wild cat. She came to me as a kitten, if any are familiar, wild kittens do not like to be held, but she would jump up in my lap. I had separated from my husband and it was as if she knew I was in a deep deep heart break.

She walks around the yard as if on duty when I walk. She's a good cat, for being born wild.

By Dawn from Richmond, VA



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By Melanie Jackson [1]08/07/2008

Don't feel bad for calling the cat "Stupid"...we had a silly brown tabby-striped cat that we called "Doofus". :-D

In that picture, she looks like she's ready to take on any intruders...and they're going DOWN! LOL!

By samaree [3]08/03/2008

We also have a "wild cat" that is now an apartment dweller. She came to us at 9 months old after I had been in a car accident and was house bound for 3 months. How I needed her then and still need her now 7 years later! I say she's my best friend (after dear hubby, of course). Her name when we adopted her was Kitty. We renamed her Kamilah Marie. Somehow, along the way, we started calling her Moishe (the Hebrew spelling of Moses). I can't remember how or why this became her name, but this is what we call her now and the only name she answers to. Aren't pets a wonderful enrichment to our lives? Give sweet "Stupid" a squeeze for me.

By jan king [1]08/02/2008

She's absolutely gorgeous!!!

By Barbara Snyder [9]08/01/2008

Hi I have a black cat too but is name is Titus Coal I just call him ti ti. My hubby was working at the Titus Coal plant at the time and he would come home black all the time. Got ti ti from family who had kittens Titus was so cute and was for my birthday to catch and kill the mice in our trailer. Trust me did his job just hated picking up the dead things. He is spoiled though loves tempations and drinking from the faucet from the tub. He is our boy and loves his mommy

By Pat Giles08/01/2008

Tinkerbell, aka Stupid, is a beautiful girl! I also have a solid black kitty with yellow eyes, but she was a tame cat when I got her. In fact, somebody had declawed her front paws and neutered her. She showed up on my doorstep about 6 years ago and wouldn't leave. Needless to say, she's a big part of my family now, which also consists of a 13-year-old dachshund/beagle girl (who doesn't know she's old!) and 3 boisterous big boy dpgs of indeterminate age. All of my kids, with the exception of Miss Kitty, came from the local humane society. Tell "Stupid" hi from Miss Kitty and to "keep up the good work"! Thanks for sharing her with us and God bless you.

By Leah Jones (leah.jones55555) (Guest Post)08/01/2008

No wonder she wouldn't answer to "Tinkerbell" She's a wild puss-puss, and wants a wild name. She can laugh inside at "Stupid", knowing she isn't. What a beautiful girl she is. I think that you are honored to have a wild baby love you. You must be a really good person. All the very best to you both,
Leah from Australia.

By sandy (Guest Post)08/01/2008

Love your Tinkerbell. I also have a cat named tinkerbell. She is almost 5 and I recently adopted her from the shelter. Mine is a tabby and just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing yours.

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