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Winterizing a Hummingbird Vine

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How do you winterize a hummingbird vine that is in a pot or one that has been planted in the ground?

By Bill from Denver


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By Jill [4]10/30/2010

I live in eastern PA, (we get winters that may dip as low as ten below); and I don't do anything to mine before winter, except to prune it back a bit. (They grow so well, it gets unwieldy.) One thing you do need to do: remove any seed pods you find; this vine can proliferate and become invasive very easily!


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Question: Preparing a Hummingbird Vine for Winter

The first frost has come, and my vine is done for this year. Do I now need to cut them back off of my trellis, leave them, or just cut them down to the ground? I'm not really sure about this plant at all, but loved how it covered my trellis this year. Thank you.

By A.E. from Sapulpa, OK

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