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Is There a Home Test for Parvo?

How can I test my dog at home for parvo?

By Mildred from Texas City, TX

Recent Answers

By Anonymous [848]06/10/2010

I don't really know if there's a home test but it would be best if you have the vet do the test to be sure even if there is one. Parvo is not something to lose time diagnosing :-(

By vicki hood [4]06/09/2010

Woops. That is 10 PPM Colloidal Silver. Use CS orally as well as with enema. Droppers full often by mouth. Pepto bismol also good for sore tummy.

By vicki hood [4]06/09/2010

Often dogs, pups, get parvo from the vaccine. If your dog gets parvo hydrate all day--all night. health food store -- bottle of 10 part per million or more -- enema. Then another enema half hour later. The colon is where the germs are. You will notice strenth short while after enemas. Feed chcken/rice broth whatever dog will eat. Good luck. This is a killer disease.

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