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Red Tomatoes Are Green Inside

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Our beautiful red tomatoes are green and hard inside, especially around the "wall" of the tomato. What causes this? This has happened for the past two years. The tomatoes are practically inedible even though we let them ripen on the vine (or appear to ripen.)

Pat from Traverse City, MI



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I am not a tomato growing oficiando but I have heard that you shouldn't plant tomatoes in the same spot as the year before. I can't remember the reason but I'll bet you could find out why by Googling. If that is what you do, maybe try a different spot next year.

By Nikki (Guest Post)09/25/2008

Have your soil tested. I'll bet you'll find a low nitrogen level.

By Linda [1]09/24/2008

When I have green tomatos, I love to cook them in margarine with some onion. OH YA....

Here is a link to ripen tomatoes. It was interesting to find they ripen faster when put with bananas.

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