Removing a Hard Water Scale from Fiberglass Bathtub


I have very heavy hard water scale on my fiberglass bathtub. Muriatic acid has cleaned my toilets nicely, but I don't know if it is safe for the fiberglass bathtub. I have tried every other cleaner like bleach, CLR, comet, etc....

Vicki from Round Rock, TX



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By Tammie 7 17 12/12/2007

I have recently been using the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser in the shower and glass doors.
It is amazing how well it works with a little elbow grease.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 12/13/2007

CLR is a strong acid, although I do not know if it is as strong as Muratic acid. However, if the CLR did not clean out the scale, I don't think that Muratic acid will either. But if it didn't harm the tub, I think you are okay to try the Muratic acid. They are both very strong acids. Perhaps you just need to leave the CLR on for a longer time.

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 12/13/2007

Try bathroom cleaner plus from Amway works great

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By Beth 25 1,120 12/14/2007

On a previous post about fiberglass bathtubs someone said that "The Works" available in Dollar Stores of all places was great on fiberglass. Well I went out and bought it and love it. It has the consistency of water, and since my tub walls are fiberglass too, one bottle only lasts me two cleanings. For $1 it's certainly worth trying.

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By Edith (Guest Post) 12/14/2007

Soak a paper towel in white vinegar, place on the affected area and let stand for an hour or more, rinse with clear water. repeat as necessary

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 12/19/2007

Sounds to me like someone has cleaned it with the wrong chemical before and etched the finish so that it stains more easily than ever. Remember to apply a protective coating should you get it cleaned, so that you won't create still another problem. God bless and help you. : )

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By heather (Guest Post) 01/06/2008

I have the same problem and the only thing that works is TIME W/MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER. LOT'S of time. Also better to keep up w/it every few days so it doesn't build up. Better yet leave it in the shower and have the family take turns cleaning after each use! God Bless<><

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By Brandy (Guest Post) 03/10/2008

After you get the fiberglass clean, there is a product called Gel Gloss you might try. It cleans and coats the surface with a durable finish, and it's easier to clean. It works well on pressed plastic sort of surrounds and tubs, just a lot of elbow grease to get the surface clean first!

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