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Recycled Container Flower Pots

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I am a Girl Scout Daisy leader (Kindergartners). We will be studying how to "Use Resources Wisely" very soon. For the craft portion of that meeting, I was hoping to make a flower pot by recycling some kind of a container (a milk carton, a soda bottle, a detergent bottle etc., not sure what to use). The girls could then decorate it using scrap pieces of construction paper, old buttons, bottle caps, etc. Then, for our "Make the World a Better Place" meeting, we could put potting soil and a plant or flower in them and deliver them to a convalescent home.

Does anyone know what recycled container I could use to create the pot?

Mergie from Hartford, CT



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By sarah (Guest Post)04/25/2006

this is a great idea! i was active in girl scouts growing up and it was a wonderful experience.

i would encourage you to avoid detergent bottles, because it can be difficult to remove all the soap (it's so concentrated!)

i've planted in plastic milk jugs, which have the added benefit of having handles! and they're fairly easy to cut; an adult could certainly do it safely with scissors. 2 liter soda bottles could work too.

i'm not sure what you were planning to plant, but geraniums and succulents of any kind are super easy to grow. if you snap a few inch section off of an existing geranium plant, you can just stick it into dirt and it will grow fine.

good luck!

By P. (Guest Post)02/22/2006

I have planted cuttings in both two liter soda bottles and 20 oz bottles. It is very simple to make the bottles into recycled pots. Remove the label from a bottle and take the cap off of the top. Flatten the bottle slightly by squeezing it with your fingers so that you can have a starting place to cut the bottle in half with scissors. Sometimes cutting the plastic leaves a rough edge, so go back over the cut side to remove any burrs and rough spots. Use an electric drill to put 2-3 drainage holes in the bottom of the bottle. Now you have a nice little pot that can be decorated with paints or anything else that you might think of.

By brenda thompson [1]02/20/2006

styrofoam cups, or small milk cartons used by school lunchrooms, frosting tubs would work well too...most are white and can be decorated with markers or by glueing items on them or even making a new colored label to go around them. an idea for decorating them may be to cut out pics from magazines or recycled all occasion cards or a cartoon from the comic pages of the newspaper. sounds like fun...enjoy!

By susan [5]02/20/2006

I knew of a minister's wife who made arrangements that she took to people in the hospital. She used the tops of large bottles of liquid laundry detergent, mouthwash, spray containers, etc. They are a nice size--not too big or too small. The opening is the same size or slightly larger than what will be the bottom. And they do not have to be painted, so you can use all your efforts in the flowers and the arrangements. They really made cute containers. In some, she even potted plant cuttings. Everyone has them and throws them away, and I'm sure would be glad to save them for you.

By Danielle (Guest Post)02/20/2006

I have done this with empty frozen juice containers. Works well with the old cardboard ones or the new plastic type ones.

By (Guest Post)02/20/2006

Don't use cans that will rust. Use plastic containers-yogurt or cottage cheese containers are my favorite. They are really easy to drill a drainage hole in. Spray paint a solid color first if not being covered with cloth, paper, fabric or whatever.

By brenda newton [6]02/20/2006

Why not use soup cans? Wash them and then use metal paints to paint with on the cans...just a green and a pink and maybe a white to create flowers on the can. Simple and the only cost would be the metal paint.

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