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Air Coming from Microwave


I recently purchased a second-hand microwave. It's a good one and in good condition, but if I'm near it when it's in use I can feel air coming from it. Does this mean the seal is no good and should I not use it? Thanks.

By Bonnie V


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By susan cantin 5 100 08/29/2009 Flag

Do not use it if you can feel air through it. My hubby was a microwave tech and that is the first thing they checked on a used microwave. The seals may need to be replaced. How clean is it? Dirt around the door can give you the same results. But do not run it without a proper seal. How does the door look? Does it hang straight?

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08/30/2009 Flag

Before running for repair or replacing your microwave check to see if the air you feel is coming from the vents! That's normal! And, at least on my microwave, there are also vents underneath the microwave as well as on the sides and more air blows out from the bottom ones than the side ones so that's probably what you're feeling if your door is hanging straight!

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By norma carlyon 57 08/30/2009 Flag

Mine was brand new, and had air flow from under it. I unplugged it and took it back to the store. The salesman tried to have me exchange it for another, more expensive one. Then a customer told me to go to a repairman around the corner, he could 'fix' it if it was a problem. The repairman told me it was a normal happening, all of the counter top ones do that. The over-the-stove ones don't; it goes out the stoves vent. So, I went home with my own micro, no money spent, and deal with the air flow. It is ok.

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 08/30/2009 Flag

I'm assuming the air you feel is it just venting.

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