How Do I Thicken My Hair?

By Mrs_T 1

I have very thin and balding hair, that is also oily and straight. I used to perm my hair every 4 months, but have stopped. It has been about three years since the last perm. My question is what is the best way to thicken my hair and condition it? I have heard of ways to use mayo and vinegar, but have been unable to find the right combination for my hair type. What would you recommend?


By Mrs_T from Washington, DC

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By mcw 80 1,752 Flag

October 26, 2010

There isn't much you can do with straight hair other than to get another perm. If you decide not to go the perm route, have a cosmetologist cut your hair short into layers. Use professional hair styling mousse which you can buy at Sally's Beauty Supply. After washing your hair, blot with a towel and dispense a small amount of foam into your hands. Apply mousse to your hair working into the ends of the hair, bend over at the waist (head pointed towards floor) and dry hair with a blow dryer on medium heat. In this way it adds volume to your hair. Then finish styling with a curling iron or curling brush.


Licensed Cosmetologist

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By pam munro 522 790 Flag

October 26, 2010

I am not an expert, but there are so many new products on the market for thickening hair. I would recommend you go shopping perhaps at a beauty supply store where you could try to get some good free advice on this. P.S. If you have straight hair, why fight it? There are many styles which don't require permanents these days. Look at Meg Ryan's famous shag!

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By Suntydt 75 877 Flag

October 26, 2010

Biotin is a supplement that helps hair grow and strengthens fingernails. You should have no problem taking it as a daily supplement but always check with your doctor first to see if there can be adverse affects with medications you take.

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By Beth 5 105 Flag

October 27, 2010

I have baby fine hair and I swear by Mane and Tail shampoo. I believe Walmart carries it.

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By Lisa 16 Flag

October 27, 2010

A year ago I had waist length thick wavy hair. Being married to someone who is emotionally abusive, narcissistic and passive-aggressive caused me all sorts of medical problems that put me in the hospital in very serious condition. Very nearly died. Consequently, I lost almost all my hair. I used to think my hair was one of my best features. It was hard to deal with. I started a daily regimen of taking Biotin, Zinc and Lutein along with a product called Reliv. It takes a long time but my hair is thickening up nicely and not falling out anymore. I also got a short, layered, wispy hairstyle and add a little mousse now and then and blow dry it from the bottom. Only takes a few minutes and it looks pretty nice. I miss my long hair and wearing a french braid but oh well.

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By katrina 5 232 Flag

November 8, 2010 Michael Dicesare under beauty products; all of his products are outstanding and he offers products for thickening hair; read the reviews; I have never needed thickening hair; mine is the opposite; i need to layer due to thickness! Sign up for emails for when he is on; he is so good and his lines he carries so excellent, they often sell out so very few show up on line anymore!He offers only highest and pure things to put his name on; the "curlers" he offers were literally designed for him in Germany and are nothing like cheap imitations which pull on your hair!

The Liquifix is amazing stuff; very concentrated; a little goes a long ways; it literally "sets" your hair; if you have straight hair; mine is when longer and not layered and shorter; use the liquifix with hot rollers; they will stay in longer; you can use these curlers with dry hair; it's what they were designed for.

With HSN products you can try them for 30 days and then return them if they do not work out for you!

It took me a very long time to order from HSN; I watched for a long time and then knew I would return if not happy; I was incredibly amazed with the products from him that I have used!

He does offer some kind of product that usually always sells out rapidly that is specifically for massaging into the scalp; and that it helps hair growth. Don't recall the name of it; but many people call in and really like it; and I know it sells out very rapidly.

I am currently using Jr Liggett's shampoo bars; they contain no chemicals at all to harm you; and while it may "feel" strange at first as it does not strip the hair of natural oils, when it dries, it dries fuller and fluffier. Check out their site; then go to a health food store to see if available there; and if not, ask if they will order some in; (save on S&H); mine did! They were amazed; they had never heard of it; though they have been used for centuries!

Good luck! Oh, my neighbor tried the "rubbery" rod type curlers in her straight hair; with liquifix; and got amazing results; and on this site there is a suggestion to use the "bread ties" as curlers;

I thought that was an amazing suggestion!

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By linda roberts 7 40 Flag

January 13, 2011

There are new shampoos out with protein in them which thicken the hair.

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By Alizaren 1 6 Flag

February 26, 2011

I have run my own salon for over 20 years. I agree with MCW above, as there really is not a product (other than root lifting spray or mousse) which can lift the hair and give more volume. I am 46 and have always had long hair, but recently due to it thinning I cut it into short layers. Hair weighs itself down, so if thin will add volume if it is shorter. Blow drying upside down will also increase the volume.

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Archive: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

How do I thicken my hair? I have thin, gray hair. So, I would like to know how to get black and thicker hair.

By girish_ambali from Delhi


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

A short hairdo works best for thin and fine hair. It makes it feel thicker. I know, because that's what I have. (04/18/2009)

By vguy

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I have short thin hair, and it looks much thicker than it really is. I regularly get my hair permed and colored.

I shampoo my hair and partially dry with a towel. I use a small amount of styling mousse and rub it into my hair. Then I bend over at the waist and blow dry my hair and that adds a lot of volume. Once it is dry then I use my curling iron and style my hair as usual. (04/18/2009)


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I would suggest a few things, first dye your hair black (See #1 below)
Then use Samy hair thickeners(or mousse): These products are some of the very best for thickening your hair:

Blow dry your hair upside down. See #3 below.

  1. You can buy a good quality black hair dye (Like Loreal) and follow the directions on the box. Do not leave the dye on longer that they recommend or you will damage your hair. (like I did) Once you start dying your hair you will get a "grow-out line" and you'll see where the dye grew out and the new gray hair came back in. You'll need to "touch-up" the roots or re-dye the color to black about once every month or every 6 weeks or it will look bad. Permanent hair color is the only kind that will totally cover the gray, but if you use a semi-permanent brand you won't see any grow-out line, but it won't totally cover the gray. Maybe you should try a semi-permanent color first before jumping to the permanent hair color.

  2. Buy the products below or buy a hair "Mousse" foam and apply to hair and roots. I like "Clairol Condition Mousse" because it doesn't flake (it's about $2). Make sure the mouse says "won't flake" on the bottle.

  3. Blow-dry your just washed hair with your head upside-down and put the blow dryer heat at roots. After roots have dried you can continue to dry your hair right-side-up or continue drying hair upside-down. This will make hair seem thicker.

  4. If you are missing vitamins in your body, a good multiple vitamin might help you.

  5. Headband wigs are really hairpieces and not really wigs. You can buy a synthetic headband wig for around $70 USA. These headband wigs look real because you see your hair line in front. They go on in just a couple of minutes and they are comfortable because your whole head is not covered, just the very back. In a good headband wig your real hair will slip into a sort-of "pocket" at the back of your headband wig. You can just slip the headband on like you would any headband (quick and easy), but beautiful styled hair is attached to the comfy headband. If you buy a hairpiece or extensions, you'll need to find out what color number your hair is. Go to a local wig shop and ask them or order color samples online. You can send a sample of your already dyed hair to a place that sells headband wigs.

    Here's a real hair headband wig for $255:

    more headband wigs: -- only $54
    (* CLICK on the dark hair photo on on the bottom right)

    Here's one place that will help you match your color:

    *A note, no one wears the same color hair in synthetic as with real hair, for example: I wear the color #6 in synthetic and a much darker color in real hair #2 or darker.

    Here's some photos of headband wigs:

  6. Clip-in extensions that match you hair color would be great. They clip in under your hair and add fullness and body. They need to match your already dyed hair's color or your natural hair color. These clip-ins are much easier than permanent extensions because you can put them in all by yourself and take them out when you sleep or wash or dye your hair.

    Human hair is the best for clip-ins because you can curl it and color it, but real hair cost's much more. Synthetic hair is much cheaper, but doesn't usually last as long. Synthetic hair comes curled or straight. If you have silky hair and not kinky hair then don't not buy "Remi" or "Remmy" hair, because Remi hair is for black women it's more coarse and not silky like Indian, Asian, or Caucasian hair.

    Quality human hair clip-in extensions will cost you about $300, but will last you a lifetime if you take care of them. Artificial hair will cost you about $80 (and as I said you can't curl or dye it), but synthetic clip-in hair is great for those who only want to wear it occasionally. The trick is to make sure the clip-in extensions match your hair color exactly and sometimes you'll need to get your hair cut in layers so the extensions look real. But all the Hollywood stars (like Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears) wear extensions.

A very nice Headband wig: (see how real it looks)
This headband wig is made of special synthetic fiber that you can actually curl (like human hair only less expensive.)

Pictures and information on Headband hairpieces

Look here:

<p.These products are some of the very best for thickening your hair:

If you get your hair permed, you'll need to use special quality conditioners and have it done professionally or you will end up with frizzy and damaged hair. I'd not recommend a perm and color unless you have it done professionally. (04/19/2009)

By Cyinda

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Everyone else seemed to cover the thickening part well. In order to dye your hair back to black nice and gently, try using a henna hair dye like this one from Lush: Of course, you can get them from lots of different places online, but that may be a starting point.

<p.Since henna is natural and doesn't have any alcohol or ammonia, it's extremely nourishing for your hair and often improves its condition after dyeing. The dyeing process itself for henna is more time-intensive and not nearly as glamorous, but has amazing results. (04/19/2009)

By vatic

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I have fine salt and pepper hair. This is what I do. I wash and condition as usual. Then I put the blow dryer on cool and when drying, I take my fingers and lift each section and dry, moving around my head quickly. When all is dry, I wisp it with hair spray and let dry and then I use a curling iron to style it. It is the only thing that works for me. I always get compliments on my hair. I don't dye my hair because I am allergic to the dye. (04/23/2009)

By Laniegirl

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Personally, I don't think you should color your hair black because the gray is so drastically lighter and your "roots" are going to show within a week or two and you'll end up being a slave to having to color it every couple of weeks. If you really want color try a very light brown and you could even do a "reverse highlight" which will help camouflage the roots because only part of the hair will be colored. A reverse highlight means using a frosting cap and instead of using bleach or high lift tint you're using a darker color.

For thickening, there are lots of styling products out there so you'll have to experiment until you find the one that works best for you. To save money perhaps you could borrow some friend's or family's different products to see which one you like the most. (04/23/2009)

By Deeli

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

A few people respond to a certain B vitamin, takes about four months at least, but deficiencies can cause premature graying and thinning some of the time. (04/23/2009)

By kimhis

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

My hair is very thick now. I get mine cut with a straight edge razor only, never a scissors. It thickens up your hair, the hair is not cut all the same length. Your hair will look thinner if kept longer. And it won't look healthy. I combine 2 bottles of shampoo with 1 bottle of the same brand conditioner. Then in addition I find another good nourishing conditioner. I do not use fluffing products or sprays or gels. The longer I was getting my hair cut this way, the more natural curls emerged, I finger curl.

My hair "should be considered high maintenance." I am a lap swimmer, swim several times a week. I use a cap on my head, others smear their hair with conditioner before the cap goes on, I don't. I shampoo after getting out of the pool. I get no split ends, damaged hair, etc. Hair cuts 6-8 weeks apart. (04/24/2009)

By T and T Grandma

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Take the vitamin called biotin. It will drastically improve your hair, nail, and skin's condition and growth. (05/05/2009)

By EeshieKing

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

My hair was thinning in one spot due to blow drying. A co-worker recommended CoQ10 (60 mg daily). She said her hair and her father's hair had growth from it. I tried it and sure enough, I have little sprouts of hair growing. There is nothing on the net that will say it creates hair growth. It is actually for cardiovascular health. But it works for hair growth. (05/10/2009)

By DorothyNYC

Archive: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Could my Cholesterol medication be causing my hair to fall out? I don't know what to do to stop this. My hair is so thin. I use volumizers and gels, but it still looks very thin. Any suggestions on how to get it thicker or look thicker?

By MAK13


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I'm not on medication, but I have baby fine, thin hair. I found this. Well, it's not "shampoo" they call it conditioning cleanser, it's on QVC, and it's called WEN. I called them and the young girl said that it's best used daily, which is not what I was doing.

Now I'm using it every day or maybe every 2 days and my hair is noticeably thicker, even my neighbor made mention of if, and believe me she rarely has anything nice to say. I buy two of them and mix them together: almond mint and cucumber aloe. It's pricey, but my crowning glory is important to me. I also have the almond mist mask, again, pricey, but my hair is loving it.

Also, and I think this is important to you, my scalp feels radiant. A healthy scalp means healthy hair. You might avoid gels, as they are drying, and that can lead to breakage. We need every strand we've got. (07/31/2009)

By MarieClaire

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Eat foods that contain biotin (like carrots). When my diet is good, my hair and nails grow healthy and faster. (07/31/2009)

By Davidicdancer

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Your hair will thicken back up if you take folic acid and if you are not on vitamins you should take a One a Day Women's vitamins and for about a month or two take the folic acid until your hair comes back in. People don't know that many drugs we take deplete the nutrients in your body. I kept getting cramps in my leg. Turns out a medicine I was taking depletes the potassium in you body. It says plainly on the literature to the drug that patient should take potassium while on this drug. Did my doctor tell me this? No. (08/01/2009)


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

The Vitamins are a good idea. I have very soft and thin hair also. I might try them.

But, about a month ago I read how good gelatin is for hair and nails, so I have been enjoying Jello.
The first thing I noticed in about two weeks was how long and stronger my nails were. Then I began to notice new hair growing on the top sides of my head. I started to grow new hair where it had thinned out.
My hair has actually grown thicker.

I have not made my own jello from gelatin, I've just been buying the Grape Jello (made by the Jello Co.) I have stuck with Grape Jello because the ingredients are better.

What an improvement within a short time. I take it about 3 or 4 times a day, even just 4 tablespoons helps.
And think what a cheap way this is to get what our hair and nails need. Now I have Jello in my fridge all the time. (08/02/2009)

By Saxberg

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

It may be hormone or stress related. I too lose my hair and have done so for years. I use to get cortisone shots in my head, but the doctors today are not to quick to help with that option. My cousin just had a baby and lost it by the tons. Her doctor told her to take flax seed oil supplements (about 2 to 3 a day) and her hair grew back even thicker. That's the hormone cause, I'm sure, but I've decided to give it a try as well. Will let you know my outcome in a couple of months. Good luck.


By dyan818

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Oprah swears by collagen tablets. She calls them a fountain of youth. I have ordered them online and recently started taking them. They are supposed to improve hair, skin, and nails. It is too early to tell if it works, but the product reviews were very positive. (08/13/2009)

By SusannL

Archive: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

How can you make hair thicker? I have long hair, but it's not very thick. Any suggestions?

By K!Bomb from Ishpeming, MI


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I'm a licensed cosmetologist and have short thin hair. I don't look good in long hair. This is what I do to make my hair look and feel thicker.

I always get a body perm every 3 months. After I wash my hair, I towel blot it to absorb the excess water. I use TreSemme' Professional Firm Control Mousse in my hair. Follow the directions on the product. Then I bend over and blow dry my hair from underneath and that gives my hair volume. Then I'll usually follow up with a curling iron. (01/16/2010)


RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I do what MCW does with the drying. I, too, can't have long hair because on me it looks "witchy." You can't do anything to make your hair actually thicker (in my opinion), but a good cut by a professional can do wonders for making it look thicker. I have a short cut that flips under with a bit of layering in the very back that adds a little height. Also, thin hair must be clean or it really looks thin! (01/16/2010)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

My hair is very heavy and this is what I do. Unless you are a pro at cutting your hair, have a professional do this -

Use thinning shears (the scissors that have a comb as one of the blades) and gather your hair as though you were going to put your hair in a thick half pony tail. Depending on your hair, you may have to do it in sections. Anyhoo, cut into your hair with the shears. As they don't cut all of your hair, you can create the look of thickness without sacrificing the length. (01/16/2010)

By assvamp

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

My hair is nearly waist length and baby-fine. To put in some body I dampen it slightly with a mist of water, then coil it up into a bun. After a couple hours I let it loose and have a head full of ringlets! I don't use styling products usually, but a bit of volumizing mousse on towel dried hair helps to keep the style around longer. (01/17/2010)

By Tapestry Lady

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

Nourishing your hair from the roots can help to thicken it. Massage your scalp with baby oil for beautiful, sheen and fast results. Another option is to make an extract by crushing hibiscus leaves in water and rub this solution into your scalp daily. Hair products with vitamin E can also help. Castor oil may not have a pleasant smell but works well to thicken and grow hair. (01/17/2010)

By Sangra

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

In a recent Prevention magazine, a scientist claimed that using conditioner on your hair before shampoo will help clean out all the build up. That, to me, means no weighty build up on your hair so your locks can plump up as they please, with better ease. I've been doing that for washings, and it seems to help give more shine and thickness to my long fine-textured hair.

Also, from my experience, washing only every other day, at the most, helps to increase thickness appearance.
Also, experiment with different hair styles (i.e. different hair cuts and hair dos with bobby pins, clips, and hair spray and other hair products, etc.).

For thin hair, I've heard shorter hair styles will add body to fine hair. (This worked for me too!) Add hair product (mousse or other), then blow dry your hair combing/brushing forward, dry all, then style and place your hair. That should help pull up the roots to add a nice thickened hair look.

This is a related link:

God bless you! (01/17/2010)

By Erin813

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

I, too, have thin hair, especially on top. When I washed my hair (which I only do 2x a wk, and one of those I don't shampoo, only a light conditioner) my hair would come out by the hand fulls. Now this is strictly anecdotal, but about 2 mos ago I started drinking a honey and cinnamon "tea" to lose weight. The original recipe was a tsp. of honey to 1/2 tsp. cinnamon mixed with 1 cup hot water - drink half in the morning 30 min before breakfast and the rest at night before bed.

I haven't been measuring, I just pour some honey and sprinkle some cinnamon in a coffee cup. It makes like a tea, and drink a cup in the morning and one at night. Can't say I've lost that much weight, but one thing I have definitely noticed - as has my beautician and friends - is that my hair has gotten thicker. When I wash it, it no longer comes out like it did before. Again, it might not be the "tea" concoction, but it is the only thing I can think of that I've done differently - and FYI; I'm 52 years old. Good luck, dear! (01/20/2010)

By Tripleb

RE: How Do I Thicken My Hair?

My hair stylist just told me about using biotin. I'm not sure if that's the right spelling. She said you get it at the health food store. It makes your hair fuller and thicker. (01/20/2010)

By jackie.mantel

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