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Newborn Puppy not Pooping

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Newborn Puppy

The best pet's health advise comes from your professional veterinarian. This is a guide about newborn puppy not pooping.



Here are questions related to Newborn Puppy not Pooping.

Question: Newborn Puppy Not Pooping

I have 4 one week old Chihuahua puppies and the runt of the litter is bottle fed. Now I can't get it to go poop. Does anyone out there know what I can do to help it go poop?

Kim from Jasper, TX


Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]03/08/2014

You never stated why you are bottle feeding this puppy has the mother rejected him or are the siblings simply pushing him out of the way? In the very best interest of this tiny pup the first person you should contact is the dog's best friend your veterinarian. Good luck but please place that call.

Question: 6 Day Old Puppies Not Pooping

Two Pug puppies sleeping on their back.My 6 day old Pug puppies have been bottle fed from the beginning because the bitch rejected them and she doesn't have any milk. I gave them antibiotics because at first their poop was watery and now they're not pooping! What should I do? I hope I can get an answer to this asap. Thanks!

By jaycille


Most Recent Answer

By zarambulo02/03/2015

My 3 week old chihuahua finding so hard to stimulate. Now no poops for 2 days.

Solutions: Newborn Puppy not Pooping

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