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Cigarette Smoke Odors in a Refrigerator

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I acquired a relatively new refrigerator from a house where someone smoked. The refrigerator has the smell of stale smoke inside. How do I get rid of this odor?

Gretchen from Cincinnati, OH



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By yolanda07/25/2009

Have tried all of the above and now have a combo odor of vinegar and smoke. My grandson thought it was awful! I'm thinking the smoke odor must be coming from within the frig; I'm about ready to just give it away. Lesson learned; never purchase any appliance from a smoking family!

By Karen03/09/2009

I too have the same dilemma as you do. I recently received a fridge from a relative that smoked heavily and their fridge reeks of smoke. I cleaned it outside with Fantastic and Clorox Cleanup (at separate times, of course) and let it sit outside for the day. We brought it in in the evening and set it up only to discover the next day that the smell was still inside it. I then put baking soda in it and checked it the next day and it did not help at all. I am now going to try cleaning the inside with vinegar since that is what my mom swears by for getting the smoke smell out of things. Good Luck!

By Paula Jo (Guest Post)02/06/2009

I would use a small bottle of vinegar poured into a bowl leaving it inside the fridge 24 hours or longer. Keep a small bowl of vinegar in the back of your fridge all the time to keep it smelling clean. DO NOT forget to change the vinegar out every week or two though.

By bob02/05/2009

If it were my refrigerator, I would place a bowl of vinegar in it overnight and the odor should be gone.

By Cora [1]02/05/2009

I think that you could take a few charcoal briquets set on a paper plate or a piece of foil, shut the refrigerator door for a day or so, and the briquets should absorb the smell and you can throw them away.

By Jaime (Guest Post)02/04/2009

I find that using baking soda is a great deodorizer, especially for refrigerators. You can either mix it with water into a paste to clean the whole fridge or pop open a box and let it sit in there for a while. I've never tried it with cigarette smoke, but it works well with onions.

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