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Getting Rid of Gnats in Bathroom

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I have gnats in one bathroom and they wont go away! I've tried pouring some products down the drain but nothing seems to work. Help!



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By apiemay (Guest Post)06/04/2008

I have tried this and it worked for me. Put a small shot glass on the counter with either kool-aid or a fruity alcoholic beverage in it. Beer and zima also work. The gnats fly in but don't fly out. If you don't see progress in an hour don't get discouraged because it really does work. Within 2 days I had about 100 gnats in my glass.

By Christine (Guest Post)05/03/2008

I have this problem every year. You actually have to keep the drains closed to prevent them from coming in. They're coming in from the drain itself, via the septic tank or sewer. If you've lost the stopper, just put a plastic lid or something over the drain after you use it each time. You may actually have to do this with all of your drains. I also sprinkle some 20 mule team borax in the sink at night. In a few days, they should be gone.

By Kathy Klahn [3]05/02/2008

Do you have a plant in the room? The flies may be coming from the soil. You may have to repot and treat soil with an insecticide, or is your kitchen close by? They may be baby fruit flies, not sure how you get rid of them. Sorry

By Jackie05/02/2008

Try getting a Mullberry candle and burning it. It help me last summer when everything else I tried didn't work. Also helps with lady bugs or the Japanese beetlebugs too.

By Huggy (Guest Post)05/02/2008

Try getting you a Mulberry candle and burning it. Worked for us last year and it also helps with those ladybugs/japanese beetle too.
Good luck

By pam munro [447]05/02/2008

You can kill small gnats by spraying with hairspray. Either use cheap stuff right out of the canister - or dilute pump sprays with 1/2 rubbing alcohol.


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Question: Gnats in the Bathroom

I have gnats flying around my bathroom, particularly my light fixture and climbing up the walls. I swat and wipe them up then more come back. They are also on my sink and in my bathtub. They seem to be multiplying. What can I do to get rid of them for good?

By Alice from Atlanta, GA

Most Recent Answer

By sallyravon [2]05/26/2012

The best thing I find that is working for me is fill a small bowl, like a pyrex glass bowl with water and dish soap and stir it to distribute the soap. I have tried the vinegar and soap and that didn't work at all. I also pour bleach down the drains. I did buy and hang up fly paper and that really worked. I had a horrible amount of them and I think now they are finally starting to go away. It takes a while. They breed in the drains, so the bleach really helps. Pouring hot water down the drains works somewhat if you do it monthly.

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