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Cleaning Urine Stains and Odors From Leather Furniture

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cat on a leather couch

Pets and small children can occasionally have an accident on your leather furniture. This is a guide about cleaning urine stains and odors from leather furniture.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Urine Stains and Odors From Leather Furniture.

Question: Removing Dog Urine Smell from Leather Loveseat

How can I get dog urine smell out of a leather loveseat. It is saturated into the filling under the leather.

By monaosb from Montgomery, AL


Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [14]05/24/2009

If I were you, I'd call a professional upholstery cleaner and learn if urine can be removed from filling or call an upholsterer and get price for reupholstering and also furniture shop for price to buy a new sofa. Good Luck!!

Question: Removing Dog Urine from Leather Furniture

What can I use to remove the urine from the top of my lavendar leather ottoman that won't cause discoloration of the affected area?

By tootiez from Webster, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Janette [87]05/27/2013

Try using plain old club soda. I have used it on alot of things and it has never discolored any of them. Just use it straight from the bottle. Hope this helps.

Question: Cleaning Cat Urine Out of Leather

My cat soiled my leather pocket book. How do I clean it?

By Mandalla from VA

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]03/07/2010

If you feel the purse is ruined, try washing it in the washer on the gentle cycle in warm water and Woolite or other gentle detergent. Stuff the wet purse with plastic bags, and let air dry away from heat. You can then recondition the leathwer and/or polish it. I did this with a pair of leather shoes, figuring I had nothing to lose, and it worked for me.

Question: Urine on Leather Couch

I have a very bad urinary incontinence problem, and have noticed a urine odor on my couch and on my car seat, (both leather) what can I use to get it out?

By Becky from Boise, ID

Most Recent Answer

By merlene smith [4]02/19/2010

There is a product called Urine Gone, for pets, but it should work for any kind of urine.

Question: Removing Urine Stains and Odor from Leather Furniture

How do I remove urine stains and odor from leather furniture?

By tearsb. from CA

Question: Removing Pet Urine Odor from Leather Couch

How do I get the smell off the leather couch without hurting the material?

By Mary E.

Question: Removing Pet Urine Smell From Leather Love Seat

I have a leather love seat that my cat peed on and I can't get the smell out. The cushions are not removeable and the urine got down in the seams. Any solutions to getting rid of the smell?

By Tiffany from Caro, MI

Question: Removing Urine Stains from Leather Car Seats

Will Urine Gone remove urine stains from leather car seats that were stained 2 weeks ago?

By Ron

Question: Cat Urine on Leather Furniture

How do I clean my leather cushions? The cat has soiled on it and now it has urine stains and the smell is awful.

By Karen from Cape Town, South Africa

Question: Dog Urine Stain on a Leather Couch

What can I use to get a pet urine stain off of my leather loveseat?

By Cindy from West Monroe, LA

Solutions: Cleaning Urine Stains and Odors From Leather Furniture

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