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Making Paper Mache Lanterns

Paper Mache Lanterns

Paper mache lanterns are an easy and beautiful craft. This guide contains instructions for making your own paper mache lantern at home.


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Paper Mache Lanterns

Paper mache lantern.These are easy and beautiful paper mache balloon lanterns. They work great as party decorations, house decorations, and out door lanterns for the summer time.


  • tissue paper in desired colors
  • balloon
  • glue
  • leaves (optional)
  • encouraging words, printed out on paper and cut(optional)
  • wire for hanging


  1. Tear the tissue paper into strips (about 1 inch wide).
  2. Blow up your balloon to around the size you would like your lantern to be.
  3. Mix glue and water, 2 parts glue to one part water, it should be a milky consistency. Slide a piece of tissue paper in and out of the glue mixture. Tissue paper is delicate and will rip easily when it gets wet, try to keep it straight, not twisted, and place in on the balloon. Continue this with each piece of tissue paper until the balloon is well covered.
  4. Applying tissue paper to balloon.

  5. Let dry, you may want to put one more layer of tissue paper on it once the first has dried.
  6. Pop the balloon and cut the jagged edge off, cut this down far enough so the heat of the candle will have a place to escape out the top.
  7. Punch two holes in either side of the balloon.
  8. Make a hanger with copper wire or an old wire hanger. I twisted the wire to make a spiral which keeps the wire from falling off the lantern.
  9. Place a tea light in a glass candle holder then place that in the lantern. Or to be safe you could place a battery operated fake candle inside.

WARNING: Do not leave this candle unattended. This lantern is made off paper and is highly flammable. When you place the candle inside, feel around the lantern and make sure you can not feel heat on it, just coming out the top. Battery operated tea lights would work as well and be safer.

By Stella Rivet

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