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Removing Lip Stick From Car Upholstery?

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How do I remove lipstick from the tan cloth seat of my car?



Recent Answers

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By Crystal (Guest Post)11/10/2007

Orange Glo , I know sounds crazy but you will not believe it.

By Karen C. (Guest Post)08/21/2006

I got lipstick on my tan seatbelt. I tried the Tuff Stuff twice and it didn't work. Dawn Antibacterial dishwashing liquid took it right out.

By Kelly Whitlow (Guest Post)08/26/2005

Yeah...the antibac gel didn't work. Oxy Clean wipes got it right out!


Try antibacterial hand gel

By Joanne (Guest Post)10/12/2004

Please I need help. Only had jacket on once.

By Connie (Guest Post)09/28/2004

Try using Tuff Stuff-found in the automotive section of WalMart. It is wonderful stuff!. I stepped in a grease ball (or oil) at a gas station and tracked it into my 5th wheel. Was able to clean the vinyl floor okay, but waited until I got home to the Tuff Stuff and removed all the thick grease/oil off my carpet!

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