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Removing Blood From Suede


How do you remove blood from suede?

Keanni from Los Angeles, California



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Archive: Cleaning Blood Stain on a Suede Coat

I have a tan suede leather jacket, that can only be cleaned by a dry cleaner and I got navel cord blood on the sleeve and I don't know how to get it out.

Crystal from Arkansas

Hydrogen Peroxide

Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and dab it on the spot until it is soaked. Let dry and repeat if there is still some left. I've never had to do this more than 3 times that was when I splattered iodine on my scrubs! Don't pour the peroxide on because it tends to roll off whatever material I try to pour it on, the cotton ball or rag, sock, whatever works great. Good luck! (06/21/2004)

By Jamie Shouse


If the blood is your blood your own saliva will get the blood out. As a quilter we are told to dab any blood with our own "spit" the enzymes in the saliva react to the blood. So maybe if you get a towel and go dabbing with your saliva you may be successful. (06/21/2004)

By Lois

Saline Solution

You can buy a small bottle of 0.9% normal saline solution at the pharmacy (should be in the area with wound dressing supplies). This should do the trick. This is a tip I learned while in nursing school. (06/21/2004)

By Nancy

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works GREAT! (06/03/2006)

By bloody_barrels

Archive: Blood Stain on a Suede Sofa

How to remove blood stain on suede sofa? The stain was there for several months.

Lena from Hong Kong

Hydrogen Peroxide is the solution.

I just bought a brand new suede couch and noticed some small blood stains on it. I was freaking out cause I've only had the couch for about a week. I googled this forum up and tried the hydrogen peroxide method and it came right out in seconds. (10/25/2006)

By Anthony

RE: Blood Stain on Suede

For me, the blood on the suede had only been there for 30min... so straight away i made up some saline solution, and used an old toothbrush to scrub it out and it worked fine!!!.. it dries up fine too it doesnt wreck the suede. Goodluck (11/10/2006)

By Kara

Archive: Removing Blood From Suede

How do I remove blood from suede boots?

Heather from Bridgeport, CT

RE: Removing Blood From Suede

My boyfriend got blood on my favorite suede coat. He cut his finger, and did not realize it. (don't ask) anyways I tried the hydrogen peroxide the following day, soaked a cotton ball, dabbed the spot and it came out immediately! Worked wonders! Now he doesn't have to sleep on the couch! (01/26/2008)

By Kimberly

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