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Homemade Oil Control Face Lotion

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Does anyone know how to make your own homemade matte/or control lotion. I'm not interested in makeup but a skin lotion that will keep my face from being shiny all day. Does anyone know how these creams and lotions work?

euky700 from VA



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By Tina [18]03/28/2010

OMG I use Witch Hazel all the time. Love it. I use it especially on my Dove Facial Wipes (which I love) when they get a little dry. Just a capful to the remaining wipes... usually does the trick.
Did not know there was a Witch Hazel Plant though. <<Blush>>

And, yes, I have Oily skin and I am not a teenager anymore. I would love to thump on the head those who told me when I got older the break-outs would stop. They lied :( But, yes, I do have less wrinkles :)

By Mary07/30/2009

The milk of magnesia works great as a masque. Don't know about wearing it on my face for an extended time, due to the white film it leaves. Milk of magnesia is made of magnesium salts. So is Epsom salt. If I'm going out for a special occasion I make a solution in the sink using 1/4 cup Epsom salt & about 2 cups of warm water. Then I keep splashing my face with it for about 3 minutes & don't rinse off. I notice my skin has a sort of invisible "coating," and it feels very smooth. My face seems to stay bright and relatively oil free for hours. Also try mixing a little Epsom salt in your face cleanser, but not every day, you could dry out. Try it!

By trinchichi (Guest Post)02/07/2008

Ponds facecream is really good at oil control

By Summer (Guest Post)02/06/2008

I am not sure about homemade products, but I work with a company that uses pure, safe, and beneficial ingredients in all of our products and we have several products that achieve oil control and will give you a matte complexion. If you're interested, I can send you some free samples and I can offer you products at wholesale. Feel free to check out our website Good luck!!

By euky700 (Guest Post)02/04/2008

Wouldn't the mom leave a white film on the face. I wouldn't be wearing makeup over it and I am African American.

By (Guest Post)02/04/2008

I always had an oily face even if had dry skin it was oily. I also had acne quit badly and I was 23yrs old past the time should have acne. I started washing my face with an all natural bar soap from wild oats called kiss my face (really cheap), and using extra virgin coconut oil the brand Garden of Life. It's kinda expensive but goes a long ways (I also rub it on my baby after his baths). I do that morning and night my face has zero acne, and my, the oil has toned down to be perfect, and I never get dry skin either. I've been super happy and highly recommend it.

By Deidre (Guest Post)02/03/2008

Catzilla is right. Unflavored Milk of Magnesia (mom) very sparingly applied works better than any commercial lotion. I've tried Mary Kay Oil Control lotion amoung others. You can buy a nice big bottle of the Wal Mart Brand mom for about $5-7.


Try using plain Milk of Magnesia. Works great!

By christi [66]02/01/2008

try recipe goldmine, they have tons of homemade beauty products, household products, etc. this is the link to go straight to beauty products list, there are three pages. good luck finding what you want.

By (Guest Post)01/31/2008

They make oil blotting tissues, but a cheap alternative is plain white tissue paper, the kind you put in gift bags. Just rip a few pieces off and throw them in your purse. Inexpensive and it really works!

By joan pecsek [88]01/30/2008

Most are just diluted alcohol which drys up the skin, sometimes too much. Try witch hazel. It comes from the witch hazel plant. It contols oil but is less drying.

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