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Moldy Odor In a Thermos

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My son left a new stainless steel thermos in a friends car for several days with a small amount of hot chocolate in it. I cleaned out the mold by soaking with bleach but some odor still remains. How do I get out the remaining moldy odor?

Kim from Canada


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By (Guest Post)11/22/2008

What is the best way to remove coffee stains from my thermos?

By Kim (Guest Post)10/19/2005

Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a try and will let you know what works.

By Wendy [7]10/16/2005

Try filling the thermos with plain white vinegar and let it set overnight. Then empty it out in the morning and rinse well.

By Tori [21]10/14/2005

Try dissolving a denture cleaning tablet in the thermos with very hot water and let it sit for a while, overnight if possible. Then rinse, and the moldy odor will probably be gone. I use cheap denture cleaning tablets from the dollar stores for a variety of cleaning and deodorizing jobs. They are great for getting hard water stains out of flower vases and other glassware, too.

Tori from Pittsburgh, PA

By Maynette [1]10/14/2005

Kim, from Canada; I use baking soda and water,to get odors out of my thermos, it works everytime. Let it sit, for a while.

By Linda W. (Guest Post)10/14/2005

Try a heavy mixture of boiling water and 1/4 cup dishwasher soap and let it soak overnight, then rinse thoroughly the next day, until all smell of the soap &/Or mold is gone. This may take a few times to completely clean it out.

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