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Spice Jar Labels


I have accumulated about 40 spice jars and want to have them displayed on my counter on one of those 3 tier expandable shelves. I want to label them, but my Dymo labels don't stick very well. They do fine on everything else. Any suggestions?




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By bunnyboo (Guest Post) 04/25/2005 Flag

There are several types of labels that fit into your printer and I have found that those labels, Avery for example, stick well and stay on just about everything. I used them on babyfood jars in my husbands tool box where they stood up to the abuse test LOL. I love then because they come in all sorts of sizes and can be customized with a small picture or scroll etc to add that special girlie touch. All my labels in my retro kitchen match my cherry decor and i get tons of compliments!

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By brenda newton 6 344 04/26/2005 Flag

What about taking a sharpie marker and neatly writing the name of the spice right on the bottle? I use little tupperware midgets for my spices and most of them I cannot see through. Tupperware used to sell labels and may still do so but now as the labels are coming off (after 20 years) I am just writing on the containers. containers are behind a closed door in the cupboard. If yours are on the counter...I do like bunnyboo's idea!! I wonder if she could post a picture of her labels.

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By shannon brown 1 04/26/2005 Flag

I have a nice spice rack and have marked the bottles with a sharpie marker, looks very nice

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By Julie (Guest Post) 05/05/2005 Flag

Your bottles probably have oils on them and dirt from the air. Wipe them down with a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alccahol. Change the cotton balls often so they will really clean your bottles. Let air dry and then label.

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 01/15/2006 Flag

Yes, labels made on the computer would be very nice for spice jars. They come in various shapes and sizes and you could add graphics besides name of spice.

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By Marilyn 1 10/01/2007 Flag

I used to use a sharpie on my glass spice bottles and they look nice but need rewriting after a year of heavy use.

I know of the best spice jar labels and you don't have to fiddle with printing them yourself! They are super durable and withstand the heat and grease of a kitchen. These labels will have your friends and neighbors envying you!

The canister labels have a cute bee on each label and the spice labels are plainer. (choose Household Labels and then Canister and Spice labels.)

There are other great labels for clothing and household use. Shipping is only $2 in USA.

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