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Making a Blouse Fit Better

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I am struggling to get my blouse sleeves fitting properly. When I lift my arms, it is too tight under the arms and pulls across my back. Please help! Thanks.

By Kathy from South Africa


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By Kimberley [1]01/17/2011

There's also something called a "gusset" that you can add to the arms eye of the blouse that will give you some extra room. It's an extra piece of fabric, shaped like an ogee, that you stitch in between the sleeve and the sleeve opening.
I'm a costume designer, so I add these to costumes to give actors the extra room they need for sword fighting! Here's a link to instructions if you'd like to give it a try:
You can sometimes "steal" the fabric from a hem or facing, or find similar fabric at a fabric store. Hope that helps!

By Louise B. [6]01/13/2011

Are you sewing this blouse and looking for advice on how to adjust the pattern? This is what it sounds like to me, but sadly, I am not a good enough sewer to help with that. Hopefully others like siris will come to your aid.

By Vicki [24]01/13/2011

The best solution for you would be homemade blouses that you can adjust the size of the arms. Do you sew or know someone who does?

By jlyn [3]01/12/2011

I don't think there is much you can do for a blouse that fits too small. If you really want to wear it maybe it would look cute left unbuttoned with a shirt underneath and belted at the waist. Good luck!

By Michawn [18]01/12/2011

You might try going up in blouse sizes, sometimes we women like to fit into a size, instead of fitting into what fits. Also, diff. manufacturers make clothes diff. one size may fit totally different than another manufacturer.

By shirley dobie [11]01/12/2011

Believe it or not, it is usually because the shoulders are too big. Move the upper sleeve in more..try 1/2 inch and baste, then try more if needed.

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