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Stains above the water line in toilet!

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Please help! I moved into a townhouse and both toilets have greenish stains above the water line where the water flows (in lines down the bowl to the water line.) I can only assume these are from over- use of colored "toilet tabs" and the like without regular cleaning. I am able to clean below the water line nicely, but above the water line it is horribly stained. Any suggestions? Would pumice work for these stains? Thanks!

CherryTuscadero from Maryland


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By mx5 girl03/20/2010

As a service plumber for ten years I can offer this. The stains are from minerals in the water, this differs everywhere and depends much on where the supply comes from, aquafers, wells, mountain, spring etc.... Borax is natural, kills mold, removes stains and will not effect your system if it happens to be septic. It is safe, allergy friendly and kills odors as well. give this a try. If it is especially bad let it sit for 5 minutes before scrubbing.

By swifturtle03/09/2010

I have the same kind of stains. These responses talk about rings, not the same thing. These stains are above the water line and run vertically from where the water comes out. I've never used those colored tabs that you put in the water, so it must be a mineral that is in the water.

By Theresa H (Guest Post)11/17/2008

Here is my toliet after using TRR!!

Toliet ring After

By Theresa H (Guest Post)11/17/2008

Buy TRR, it works great. The stains had been in my toilet for over 2 yrs and with a green scrub pad and this product it was gone! I'm so happy.

Toliet ring before

By shirley (Guest Post)08/25/2008

TRR from a distributor in S. Carolina (Image Supply) works great - I even used it on my shower floor that nothing would clean (I had figured on refinishing it, so I didn't have much to lose by trying a corrosive product like this. I had only a small amount left in my bottle and used it on half the shower floor. Let is set 3 minutes and the floor turned pure white (from brown-grey). Problem is the distributor only sells full cases now and WalMart doesn't carry it as suggested above - does anyone know where I can get some of this product?

By Mark (Guest Post)02/02/2005

TRR has stained my ceramic tile. How can I get the stains

Off the tile?

By Melissa (Guest Post)05/08/2004

I have the perfect solution to your problem and it works great. The next time you visit Wal*Mart, purchase a bottle of T.R.R. (Toliet Ring Remover). This stuff works great. I use it like once every 3 months. It comes with a Sponge like toliet brush. Just make sure you wear gloves for this because it is a strong chemical. Let me know how it works out.

By Tawnda (Guest Post)05/07/2004

Replace the colored toilet tabs with the bleach tabs. We have very heavy minerals in our water that leave stains and this works well to minimize the stains left.

By Jo Bodey [1]05/01/2004

I've never used pumice for these mineral stains but a simple cheap way is to don a glove and rub the stains with 'wet and dry' sandpaper - that's the very fine black one available in hardware stores. You don't have to remove the water and with a very moderate amount of rubbing will remove these deposits without damaging the ceramic surface. I have a feeling bleach will remove the colour but the deposits will remain and stain again quickly - I may be wrong. I 'renovated' a toilet I was thinking of replacing using 'wet and dry' sandpaper - it was the old one in a house I bought which came up like new and was able to be 'recycled' to the new bathroom.

By j walker (Guest Post)04/20/2004

Turn the water off to your toilet. (valve behind your toliet on the wall.) Spray the entire inside of the empty toilet with undiluted white vinegar or C.L.R. Let stand 1 hour. Srub well with a stiff toilet brush. You may need to repeat again. When stain is gone, Slowly pour 1 gal. cold water into the toilet bowl to rinse and turn on the toilet again. While you have the toilet empty, take a toothpick and clean out the flow holes under the rim. This will give a longer life to the fixture. Good Luck!!!

By Louise cook04/20/2004

I have the same problem when I put the blue "cleaning" tabs in my toilet,I only use them because our water has a brown residue so I have to use a pumice stone on them to remove both works ok with a lot of elbow grease but sometimes I stop the toilet up with a dirty dishtowel,shoving it in tight enough to hold water and pour pure clorox bleach in, filling your toilet to the rim on top,letting it set for 30 minutes to an hour, then remove the dish towel and wash with a toilet comes sparkling clean.(we also have very hard water so the pumice removes the ring that's always there.) make sure the kiddies nor the hubby doesn't have access to the toilet or they'll flush the dishtowel...

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