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Removing the Air from Zip Lock Bags

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Zip lock bags are great and those machines that vacuum the air out of bags is great but expensive. I found a cheap (like in $0.00) way to remove most of the air from a zip bag.

Insert the product in the bag and close it to within 1/2 inch. Hang the bag, with the product hanging down over a counter edge and flatten the portion of the bag on the counter. While holding the bag on the counter top, close the opening the rest of the way. It doesn't remove all but it sure removes most of the air.

By wbuck341



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By Judy (Guest Post)02/24/2009

Another easy way to remove the air from a plastic bag before sealing it is to insert a drinking straw. Close the bag up to the point where the straw is and then suck out the remaining air.

By sjc AT (Guest Post)02/23/2009

I use my dustbuster with the crevice tool attachment
works great.

By Polly G (Guest Post)12/31/2008

Dip the filled bag into a bowl or bucket of water up to the zipper, then zip closed. Water pressure squeezes the air out and presses the bag onto the product inside.

By (Guest Post)10/06/2008

I ran across this tip the other day and got a chance to try it tonight while freezing small amounts of turnip salad in quart size zip lock bags. Your method of getting the air out of the bag works much better than my old way. Thanks for this tip.

By (Guest Post)07/29/2007

Believe it or not, I found a way to do this with chicken broth in the bag..and not with a straw...I put the open edge at the sinks edge and hold the top shut with my hands and gently walk the air out of the part that does not contain liquid..close it and then do it again. This way I have flat bags of liquid that will stack in the freezer..these are the zipper type bags and I have NEVER had one leak.

By Nora Hart (Guest Post)07/28/2007

I remove air from plastic bags by using a straw.

By Katie [4]07/27/2007

Hehe, depending on what is in the bag, I SIT on it to remove the extra air! Obviously you can't do this with delicate or crushable things, but if you're packing for a trip and want to squeeze the air out of clothes to fit more in your suitcase, this will work. It works for lots of other things as well. :-)

By Joan [14]07/27/2007

I use John's method [previous post] but not if the contents have a bread coating! Inadvertently I did and choked on the tiny crumbs! Same goes for liquids! Just go SLOWLY when sucking out the air. Fat straws work the best.

By john (Guest Post)04/02/2005

you can also use a plastic drinking straw. insert straw in bag, then close the bag around the straw. suck the air out of bag and close.

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