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Homemade Urine Gone

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I have a small puppy. I purchased Urine gone but that is to expensive to keep buying. Does anyone know how to make that solution? At twenty dollars a bottle and with two dogs that keep on marking their territory you can just imagine how expensive that can get.

Chochies from San Marcos, CA



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By justmarnie01/23/2010

I just have to day regarding AZDeanna's post for Nature's Miracle. I have used both Urine Gone and Nature's Miracle and there is just no comparison at all between the two, but of course users here already know that or the listing wouldn't be titled Homemade "Urine Gone," instead it would just be for generic urine odor removal products, right?

I have tried this homemade recipe with peroxide, dawn, and baking soda, and although it works pretty good considering it's homemade, it's still not as effective as Urine Gone! itself. But I did find a website that sells Urine Gone at the best price hands down!

The 24 oz bottle is cheaper than every other website, but not only do they sell 24 oz bottles, they also sell the 48 oz jugs cheaper by about $5 including shipping and handling, and you can buy it in bulk, sort of. You can get 6 ea, 24 oz bottles for less than $50 before shipping, and for me shipping was $17, so I paid just under $12/bottle. Good price I think when PetSmart sells it for $19.99 when it's on sale!

By Phyllis Barton03/03/2008

This recipe was given to me by a carpet cleaner many years ago. There are several things you need to know:
The solution MUST be made in a glass or plastic container using plastic or wooden utensils.
It must NOT be put in a closed container. It will cause the container to "pop" open.
It must be used immediately after making it as it is only active for a few minutes.

In a plastic or glass container mix the following:
3 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide
3 tsp of baking soda
1 tsp of dish washing liquid (any clear or light colored will - work dark colors may stain the carpet)

Mix with a WOODEN or PLASTIC spoon then pour it quickly into a child's plastic watering can. You must saturate the stinky area liberally.
Let dry - smell is gone. May need to be repeated.

By Alfie's "Mom" (Guest Post)05/29/2006

Hi! I couldn't afford Urine Gone or Nature's Miracle either with a new puppy, so did some research & here's what works just as well for peanuts:

1. On floors, decks or walks: The "skunk" cure -- old- fashioned tomato juice, mixed with (also odor-neutralizing) club soda to cut the thickness a bit. Leave 10-15 minutes, then rinse with more club soda.

2. Floors, Rugs & Fabrics: Club soda first, soak liberally, then use any oxygen-based enzyme bleach from the grocery store (or better yet, buy a big supply from a $1 store!) The enzyme bleach is also very good for removing dark spots left by urine on wood floors. For detergent, use Arm & Hammer brand with baking soada added, great stuff anyway.

3, To finish --use Febreeze (or a cheaper generic brand) daily on fabrics. The idea is to keep descenting your place so it's less attractive to a dog's nose!

Also, get puppy pads & leave one just outside your door to get the puppy going outside in a place you can move him fast! My private trainer also had me never leave the dog at large inside. We keep his leash attached. I put a makeshift bed by this computer desk, another near the TV, another in the kitchen. If Alfie's in the mood to roam, I'll tie the leash to something near me. He just loves this.

For housebreaking, try to take your puppy out every 3 hours throughout the day, or right after any exercise inside, too. Soak an old rag wherever the dog "pees," and leave it in the same spot outside, or else clorophyll in the grass with eliminate the odor too soon. Then go right there, every time and take some treats for when he performs. This worked for me within several days!

If you work outside the home, and don't have kids, hire a local kid to walk the dog while you're away (pet sitters charge too much,) so the young dog is never alone too long. And if you aren't already, confine the puppy to the kitchen, laundry room, or crate when gone.

It should only take a week or two of doing these things consistently before you have a well-housebroken puppy, provided he's at least 4 mos old. Before that, they just don't have the bladder and bowel control. The pup will learn faster with reward, rather than punishment, so make it very rewarding for him to go in the correct place.

Finally, if you have carpeting, cover it temporarily with sheet plastic in rolls (or even sheet linoleum remnants in really good places) & keep the dog away from carpeted areas when you're not with him, too. the less temptation, the better. I've lived with both carpeting and wood floors with dogs and it it ten times easier to train a dog with only floors. The sheet plastic replicates a floor somewhat.

Just bear in mind that wood and even lineoleum floors do absorb urine odor, so I clean mine with club soda to keep them fresh -- I'm even thinking of getting my own soad dispenser machine, since it makes good drinks, as well! Hope all this helps.

By suzi_homemaker01 (Guest Post)05/15/2006

Mix 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of Dawn dish liquid and 16 oz of hydrogen peroxide. pour it on the urine, let air dry. Do not blot. This really works!

By Me (Guest Post)05/13/2006

I don't know how often you're taking the dog out to go to the bathroom but a pup needs to go out about every hour to train them. Maybe that will lessen the need to mark. Try a mixure of vinegar & water but test your carpet first. I like Nature's Miracle too but I think any oxygen cleaner will work.

By Deanna [1]05/12/2006

I don't know how to make Urine Gone, but what I have done instead is purchase 1 gallon bottles of Nature's Miracle for about $20 each. It not only gets rid of any kind of pet stain (I'm talking cats and dogs to lizards), but I've even used it to get red and purple kool-aid out of beige carpet. It's available at Petco, Petsmart, and many other pet stores, and can be used directly on stains or in your carpet shampooer.

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