Removing Pet Hair From Car Upholstery

A dog riding in a car.

Pets can leave a veritable carpet of hair on your car upholstery. This is a guide about removing pet hair from car upholstery.



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Question: How do I remove dog hair from car upholstery?

The back interior of my car is covered in dog hair from us taking our dog from place to place. We have tried laying an old blanket down and that helps some but most the hair is just embedded in the upholstery. Any tips on how to lift it? We have tried vacuuming and that magic magnetized wand that supposedly lifts pet hair (didn't work).


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By irene [8] 06/28/2005

Try using a sponge, either slightly damp or dry, to remove dog hair.

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By Ellen (Guest Post) 03/19/2006

Hairspray. Spray a fine mist on a damp towel (better than a smooth cloth) and wipe the seat, sofa, or whatever. Works for dust too. Mimics those new, expensive products that claim to "attract and hold" dust.

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By BJ (Guest Post) 03/27/2008

I tried all the recommendations here and I was working for hours. I finally settled on something that wasn't recommended that worked the best - a wire brush. Not only did it brush the hair out, but it got out a lot of unseen dirt and debris. I could actually smell the nastiness that it brought up out of the upholstery.

Try it yourself. Use a rubber glove first, and when you think you're done, use the wire brush on areas you thought were clean and you'll be in for a big surprise.

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By Chris 01/04/2009

There is a new product circulating in the auto detailing industry called Fur-Zoff. I got one from their website, furzoff.net, and love it! it gets the hair that is tangled into the carpet and all. Much better that sticky tape and I like it better than rubber products plus it does not wear out. It gathers the hair into a yarn-like piece and I just pull it off and keep going. It works in the home too. My wife uses one to get the cat hair off our bedspread every night.

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