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Removing Glue From Drywall

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What's the best way to remove hardened glue left on drywall after removing old paneling? The drywall is in good shape except for a few X's marked where the old glue was.

Yvonne from Springfield, VA



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By Joan K. (Guest Post)03/02/2009

I removed wallpaper using just hot water in a spray bottle. Notice it did as well as adding any other product to the water. However, then I painted the wall with a oil based primer because I was advised that glue would bleed through if I didn't do so. But now that I have put the final paint on, the glue bleeds through only in certain lights. It is not awful but it is not acceptable to me. What can I do now to remove the glue impression since I have painted the wall. Thank you.


Same answer, Mark :-)

By mark (Guest Post)02/28/2009

I used dib and removed off all the wallpaper but I still have residual glue on the wall board how do I get it off?


Simply gently sand with a fine sand paper but be sure to cover furniture, etc. because it will create drywall dust ...

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