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Tiny Black Bugs in the Yard

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What are these bugs? They are very tiny and black, so small I can't even get a good pic of them. When I step out in the yard I get these small black specks moving all over my legs! They die really easy, just by rubbing my legs, then they're gone. I don't know what they are and we're about to throw my son a birthday party in a week and I've got to get rid of these bugs! What are they and how do I get them to go away for good?

By AmandaRose from Mystic, CT


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By Nancy in NC [1]07/20/2009

Make up a spray of one part liquid dish detergent, 3 parts vinegar, and 6 parts hot water, and spray it all over the part of the yard where you will hold the party - spray the morning of the party. The buys have soft bodies and will be killed by the dish detergent. Let us know what works for you. Good luck! Nancy in NC

By Marg [16]07/18/2009

Are they there always or just in hot heavy weather? If the latter it sounds like thunder blight.

By Chris07/14/2009

It sounds to me like aphids. They are carried in the wind and reproduce quickly. Any garden pest spray will get rid of them instantly.

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