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Using Garlic to Prevent Fleas

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Using Garlic to Prevent Fleas

The presence of garlic can repel fleas if used safely. This guide is about using garlic to repel fleas.


Solutions: Using Garlic to Prevent Fleas

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Tip: Please Don't Give Garlic To Your Pets

I've responded to questions and tips several times regarding giving garlic to pets for flea control or assorted other reasons, but maybe it will be more helpful if posted as a tip that might reach more folk? Please consider reading up about Heinz-Body anemia before you make the decision to give garlic in any form, or anything in the alliums family for that matter, to a pet. Personally, I wouldn't risk the health of my pet when there are other safe alternatives available. Here are two really good links to begin your homework with:

By Deeli from Richland, WA

Tip: Home Flea Treatments

Cat with tongue out.

With two cats who come in and out, I worried about flea treatments.
So I did a lot of reading and saw a recipe in a book and online that recommends that you may add garlic and yeast to your cat's food. They said that it will cause a light scent that repels fleas.

I actually found a powder in my health food store, specifically for pets with garlic and yeast and began adding it to my cat's moist food.

When I brought my cat 'children' to the vet for their regular check up I asked my vet about them and learned something pretty interesting.
Garlic (and onions too, they are the same family) are VERY unhealthy and potentially deadly for cats! Two vets confirmed this for me and yet you can find it in some books and the internet! Take warning!

I had been thinking I was helping them, but was actually potentially hurting them. While I was at it I also asked about flea collars and was told that they are useless on cats as well. So, don't waste your money on flea collars and don't give your pets garlic nor onions. Check with your vet first.
There are "no shortcuts" to preventing flea's (sadly.)

Pictured is my Cat "little Orphan Annie" with her opinion of my garlic/yeast home remedy. Notice the tongue sticking out? :D


By Donna [227]

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Here are questions related to Using Garlic to Prevent Fleas.

Question: Giving a Dog Garlic

Can I give my dog garlic power?

By Margo from wilm dem


Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z [7]10/09/2013

No it may be poison for your dog.

Question: Using Garlic to Keep Fleas Off Dogs

If you put garlic in dog food will it keep fleas off your dog?

By Mike H.


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/03/2013

Garlic can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs.

Question: Preventing Fleas Using Garlic

At what age can I give a puppy garlic for flea protection?

By Eliot

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]03/13/2013

You should never give a dog or cat garlic or onion. It can cause hemolytic anemia, which is a very serious disorder.

Question: How Much Garlic Should I Use to Prevent Fleas?

I was wondering how much garlic I can use on my dogs that weigh approximately 10-17 lbs? They have fleas.

By Brenda from Ontario, CA

Most Recent Answer

By MITCH1400005/01/2012

Yes, garlic is safe for dogs, in small amounts over a short period of time. Garlic is widely used as a natural flea and tick repellent and occasionally may even be used as a treatment for heart disease in dogs.

Dogs lack the enzyme needed to break down the chemical thiosulphate in garlic, which can cause gas, vomiting, diarrhea or severe gastrointestinal distress. Large amounts of garlic or garlic given over a prolonged period can result in the formation of Heinz bodies on the surface of red blood cells which are then destroyed by the body.

This results in a severe hemolytic anemia (Yamato, 2005); and there is also an increased risk for the development of blood clotting abnormalities. Always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog any natural or herbal supplements.

Question: Giving a Dog Garlic

How much and how often do I give raw garlic to my 60-70 pound dog?

By Jan N

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/14/2011

Garlic is a known cause of hemolytic anemia in dogs.

Question: Using Garlic for Dogs

I bought some garlic gel-caps, 1000mg. I was wondering how much to give a 7lb dog?

By Brandice

Most Recent Answer

By Kristin L. E.05/12/2013

I had a 5 pound Chihuahua and gave her real garlic raw as well as to my other dogs at the time. She liked raw green peppers too. Anyway, take a thing of garlic, pull off a clove and cut it up and give them about a 5th of the clove at a time. It works as dewormer too, which is why I did it in the first place. She's going on 7 years this year and has never had any major health problems.

Question: Using Garlic to Repel Fleas

Is it true that you can use garlic as a flea treatment for dogs? I was told that you give the dog a little bit of garlic every day and it gets into the bloodstream which helps keep the fleas away.

By Kac from Bennington, VT

Most Recent Answer

By CJCDOGS [1]05/06/2012

I've had pets (mostly dogs) my entire life & had flea problems ONE time. For the past 30 years or longer, I've cooked my pets meals & always use fresh garlic 3-4 times a week. And I have NEVER had any trouble with fleas. As far as it being dangerous for dogs, I suppose it could be, but just use common sense, as you would for any other items you feed your pets.

Currently I have 4 "fur children" ages 14, 10, 3 & my new one is 10 months. They are all healthy, happy & free of fleas. I love them very much & would never give them anything that would possibly jeopardize their health. Hope this helps with your garlic decision. Wishing you & your pets all the best.

Question: Using Garlic to Get Rid of Fleas

Is brewers yeast with garlic tablets good for them?

By Kato from Mobile, AL

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]06/25/2013

Garlic can contribute to hemolytic anemia in dogs and cats.

Question: Will Garlic Powder Help With Fleas?

If you put garlic powder on your dog/cat and they lick it off, when it's in their blood will it stop fleas and ticks from biting? Or will it harm your best friends (pets)?

By C dub from Wichita Falls

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]03/23/2013

Feeding garlic in any form can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs and cats. Don't do it.

Question: Garlic for Fleas

I have a 60 lb. Husky and Dalmatian mix. I want to know how much garlic to give her and how often. Can I give her fresh garlic? Thank you.

By kt

Most Recent Answer

By Christina Scandale C.04/27/2013

Garlic Boosting the immune system is crucial to helping your pet defend itself naturally. Adding garlic to a dog's diet is one way  either fresh cloves (for a very small dog, ¼ clove per day; for a large dog, 1 to 2 small cloves a day). I add garlic powder or fresh garlic to their meat/veggie mix when I'm making it.

Some say that garlic powder is useless for this purpose because it has been overprocessed, but I use it more than fresh garlic and it seems to work just as well. Opt for fresh if you can. You can purchase a jar of minced garlic at the store, packed in water or olive oil, or you can make your own. Just mince the cloves, then pour enough olive oil in a glass jar to cover them. Keep in the pantry, not exposed to light.

The olive oil is good for the animal too (contains certain essential fatty acids). There are also preformulated garlic products -- makes a garlic product for dogs that Ive heard great things about.

From Dr. Pitcairns Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats: Garlic helps to eliminate worms, strengthen digestion and beneficially stimulate the digestive tract. Use it to promote intestinal health. It is also indicated for animals that have been on a high meat or fish diet, and those that tend to be overweight or suffer hip pain from arthritis or dysplasia.

Include fresh grated garlic with each meal, use ½ to 3 cloves, depending on the animals size. [p. 87] For your dog, you can purchase minced garlic in olive oil at the grocery store, to save having to mince it yourself. The olive oil is also good for the animal, as it contains certain essential fatty acids. Note that cats should not be fed raw garlic as it can cause a dangerous form of anemia. For more information on adding Kyolic Liquid Aged Garlic Extract (not toxic to cats) to your pet's diet, see

For garlic, add 1/2 minced clove per day to a small dog's meals, for a large dog 1-2 whole minced cloves. Garlic has antibacterial properties as well and is a good immune system enhancer. Digestive enzymes, specifically papaya and pineapple (bromelain) also help fight parasites by irritating and/or dissolving their outer coating, along with aiding digestion. However, if you have a chronic, long standing, and/or severe infestation, it may be best to use a conventional wormer to eradicate the parasites (for many, the damage they cause is worse than the practice of using a chemical to kill them). Then put the animal on one of these natural wormers/preventatives as maintenance.

Apple Cider Vinegar In their book, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM, note that Apples contain a large amount of potassium plus phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon, and many trace minerals. . . . ACV (apple cider vinegar) is credited with killing bacteria outright. . . . Depending on the size of the dog, add 1/4 teaspoon (toy dogs) to 3 tablespoons (dogs over 50 lbs) total per day to their meals.

Itchy skin is a sign that the skin is too alkaline in nature. Fleas and ticks do not find acidic skin desirable to live on, hence the importance of maintaining a slightly acidic body (for dogs, the normal skin pH range is 6.2-6.5). You can use straight ACV as an after-bath rinse; before going out into the country; and on beginning hot spots. If the skin is already broken, dilute the ACV 1:1 with water so it doesnt sting and spray it onto the skin (test on a small area first, just to be sure it doesnt sting). If the dog has a thick coat, work it into the coat so it reaches the skin.

As an ear rinse, use several drops of the 1:1 dilution weekly to help alleviate chronic ear infections.

These health conditions and others (including sore joints and the beginnings of arthritis), often indicate a potassium deficiency, so ACV is a cheap way to help improve your animals health. If giving ACV orally, purchase a product with the mother (apple fiber particles) in it, not the kind you buy at the grocery store. A good brand is Braggs, which can be found at health food stores. If applying topically, the grocery store products are fine.

Question: Spraying Garlic on Dogs for Flea Control

If I boil up some garlic cloves in water and spray the residue on my dog, do you think it would get rid of fleas?

By Tracey B

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]08/01/2011

There are a lot of remedies on I have found lemon juice sprayed on the ferrets and rubbed in keeps a lot of fleas off of them. I put about a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per four cups of water for the dogs in the really bad part of flea season. Also we do advantage and one of the dogs does comfortis. Fleas are really bad t his year. Salt put under sheets and on carpet for a few days and then vacuumed up off the carpet kills flea eggs. and vacuum all the time to get the fleas and kill them.

That is a really good idea. Here is the link to the natural remedies for fleas, and dont forget the flea comb~


Question: Garlic for Fleas

I bought a bottle of garlic in gel cap form (500 mg) for fleas on my dog, but I am hesitant about giving my 12 lb. Dachshund her first dose. Anyone else using the garlic gel-caps for fleas and how many mgs. do you use?

By Luann from NY

Most Recent Answer


Garlic And Pets
Please consider reading up about Heinz-body anemia before deciding to give garlic in any form, or anything in the allium family for that matter, to any pet.

Question: Using Garlic to Control Fleas on Cats

Can I use garlic for flea control on my cats?

By tsadybug from Fairfield, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer Nelson [1]07/13/2009

No, never give garlic to a cat or dog. Please consult your Vet for a safe flea control. Read what the ASPCA Poison Control Center says about garlic:

Northern Virginia


Below are photos related to this guide.

Garlic Oil to Prevent Fleas

I buy garlic pills (the gel-caps) and poke a hole in one gel-cap with a needle and squeeze the oil into my dogs food about 5 days a week.

Not only is it good for their coat and health, but it does wonder to deter fleas and ticks. Living in the woods, we have a lot of wild animals running through our yard at night, and I have not seen a flea or a tick on my dog.

By David from Ellsworth, ME


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Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

How much garlic is safe? I divided three gloves between my five Boston Terriers last night, they loved it. I want to use it to help keep fleas off of them. I don't know how much, or how often to give it to them.

Susan from Waycross, Ga

How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Last week my vet told me garlic and onions can be toxic to dogs and can cause kidney failure. (08/05/2008)

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

When we wintered in Fl the vet told us to use a tiny sprinkle of garlic powder in their water. (08/05/2008)

By Graycrab

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Please be careful giving your dogs garlic. It can build up a toxin in their bodies that can be deadly. Check with your vet as to how much is too much. He or she may tell you to stop using it altogether. Beware also of onions, chocolate, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts. (08/05/2008)

By Vicki

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

I give my long haired dachshund a small piece cut from one clove of garlic once a week. He loves it and it keeps the fleas away. (08/05/2008)

By bluealt

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

I have a better solution. I had a problem with fleas for my cats and the websites all said that brewers yeast in their food and a bit of vinegar in their water is the best solution. But yes, chopped garlic mixed up in the food helps too. (08/05/2008)

By Poor But Proud

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Hi Everyone, I just spoke with my vet's office and he said 1/2 clove of garlic once a week is fine for a 24 pound dog to help with repelling fleas. (08/06/2008)

By SusanLee

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

After doing some research myself on giving my dogs garlic for fleas, the info I have found says that garlic can be toxic to dogs. In many cases it can be fatal to dogs as well. (08/06/2008)

By sasyblueyes

Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

I read that putting garlic oil in dog food prevents fleas. My dog eats dry food, so I unpeeled a clove of garlic, cut a little piece off, and put it in the middle of her kibble. She ate it with no problem. What I'd like to know is how much garlic should she ingest a day?

Debby from San Diego, CA

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Garlic is NOT good for dogs, they can destroy the kidneys and no does onion. You may want to google the toxic to dogs food list. Grapes are bad too, as chocolate and caffeine. My vet mentioned this to someone while I was there too. (09/12/2008)

By meoowmom

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

I wouldn't try any natural flea remedy without vacuuming the house daily, washing her bedding daily, and vacuuming her even if she doesn't like it. (09/13/2008)

By kimhis

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Before anyone even thinks of giving there dog garlic please go to this website and read the information .
After reading this I decided not even to attempt to give my dogs garlic. It is not worth the risk. (09/13/2008)

By JenSiv

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Everything I have found on giving dogs garlic says moderation is the key. I would rather use a little garlic and brewers yeast than stuff like Frontline. Those are pure insecticides. So what would you rather do, put insecticides into your animals bloodstream monthly or give him a bit of garlic which has been used for decades? Dogs use to live for 15-20 years but since these chemical flea treatments have come along I know so many families losing their dogs at 10, 11, and 12 years old due to all kinds of ailments. Personally I believe it's the insecticides. (09/18/2008)

By Mary

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Be careful giving dogs garlic. It can increase the white blood cells to dangerous levels, I have been told. My vet told me to use Advantage if my dog is in contact with others since she doesn't have fleas, at the moment. Also I have heard that rosemary works well, but must be boiled down. Just the leaves. Then maybe added to their food in moderation.

Personally, I would consult a homeopathic pet care professional if you are not interested in using commercial flea treatments for your pet(s). Always consult a professional when it comes to your pet's health. (09/19/2008)

By RoxysMom

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

RE: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

Spoke to my vet and she says this whole garlic prevention is just a myth, and not to ever give this to any animal. (01/20/2009)

By Melody

Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use To Prevent Fleas?

I have read different postings about garlic to get rid of the fleas. Is it okay to give the dogs oil from the minced garlic in the jar in their food?


Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use to Prevent Fleas?

I have read in countless places, including here, that feeding my dogs garlic every day will help keep the fleas off of them. My question is, how much?


Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use to Prevent Fleas?

Can I feed my dog garlic salt on her food for fleas?


Archive: Using Garlic to Repel Fleas

They say to give your dog half a clove of garlic in there food daily for fleas. Will this work for ticks also? I am having a big problem with them!


Archive: How Much Garlic Should I Use to Prevent Fleas?

How much garlic powder do I give my 50 lb. dog to prevent fleas?