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What is a Pore Vacuum?

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I recently asked for product reviews on Dermawand - and thank you so much everyone! In one of the responses I received, some one named 'Kimberly' on a guest post mentioned a 'pore vacuum', but I don't have any idea of what this is.

I asked Kimberly/Guest Post for some more info, but haven't seen any response from her yet (I understand that guest post responses usually don't get replies). Does anyone out there know what a 'pore vacuum' is? I would love to have everyone's reviews and advice, of course! Also, does someone out there know where I can buy one?

Thank you again, you're all so helpful!




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By (Guest Post)10/23/2008

You are all so sweet to give me all of this information; thank you!

I'll be researching all of this so wish me luck!

Thanks from Smoochie

By Heather [1]10/22/2008

You have to make sure when you're using one not to keep it in one spot more than a couple of seconds, because it actually is sucking out your dirty pores and the area around there is delicate. You can go to and click on shop now and use the search box to find pore cleanser. I just got mine the other day :)


There are actual small machines that suck stuff out of the pores but they are expensive and if not used correctly could possibly cause damage to your skin ...

A good old fashioned clay mask will do a great job for a fraction of the cost :-)

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