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Water Damage Under The Sink


I have water damage to the bottom of the cabinet under my kitchen sink from a leak. Is there any easy way to replace/repair this without having to tear out the old bottom and replace it with a new one? I'm handy, but not handy enough to replace it!

Tracy from Parma, Ohio



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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 02/20/2006


We have some water damage to some cupboards in our kitchen due to a leak under our sink. The leak is fixed, but the water damage is starting to come through the paint, it is starting to peel, and the wood is soft. You could put your finger through it. We don't have the money to replace the cupboards yet. I am afraid that if I just repaint it, even though the leak is fixed it will still peel. Is there a temporary fix for now?

Jackie from Detroit, MI


RE: Cupboards with Water Damage

Where is the damage? Is it in the cabinet bottom, under the kitchen sink?...

Post by Sharon (Guest Post)(/font)

RE: Cupboards with Water Damage

I just covered my stained cupboard under the sink with peel and stick tiles from Home Depot. You don't have to buy many and it looks great

Post by Annie. (Guest Post)(/font)

RE: Cupboards with Water Damage

Yes. The bad thing is, it is an island so it is showing on the other side

Post by Jackie (Guest Post)(/font)

RE: Cupboards with Water Damage

That is great advice, thank you! I think I will try it!

Post by Jackie (Guest Post)(/font)

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By lhegs (Guest Post) 03/23/2006

If the wood is still ok and it is dry now, you could cut a piece of vinyl flooring to fit. This is very easy to keep clean. If the wood is damaged can you get a piece of wood to lay on top of it? Not to replace it but to cover it.

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By Barb (Guest Post) 03/24/2006

I have also used the peel and stick vinyl floor tiles under my sinks and they work great! In fact, i love them so much because they are cheap, easy to clean, and very durable, that I just replaced all of the regular shelf lining paper in all of my cabinets with vinyl floor tiles.

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By shirley (Guest Post) 03/29/2006

they sell handy panels of plywood at menards ..or other hardware type store..some will cut to size..I had this happen also..I had to make a few hand cuts with a hand saw..then nail or glue into little edge of cabinet..paint or stain when done

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