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It is very frustrating to arrive at your new home or apartment and not be able to locate the boxes that you need right away. Labeling the boxes well, as they are packed, can do much to smooth out the move and protect your breakables. This is a guide about labeling moving boxes.


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Tip: Label Boxes by Room When Moving

Like a lot of people, I've had my share of house moves over the years. It's never easy, but one thing I found helps make it easier. Go to your dollar/office supply store, and buy a packet of colored stickers; the type used as "price tags". They come in a variety of shapes and sizes - try to get the larger size. Make a list of the rooms in the new house and assign each one a color. If you have more rooms than colors, simply "double up' by making a room "blue + green", "blue + red' etc.

As each box is packed, stick the appropriate sticker on AT LEAST 2 sides and the top of the box. It's also a good idea to stick several of the stickers on the door frame of the new rooms. This way, as the boxes are unloaded they can be put into the correct room (people can't always tell whether B/room means bedroom or bathroom). While it may not encourage anyone to help unpack, at least you won't wear yourself out dragging yourself and the box from room to room.

In case you're wondering why I didn't suggest using colored pens - the color can be affected by the color of the cardboard box and make things more difficult.

By Ann from Pawtucket, RI

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Tip: Keep Inventory of Box Contents

If you are moving long distance using a professional mover, try to make itemized list of what is in the boxes. We lost 9 boxes on our last move and lost money from insurance because we could not tell them exactly what was in each box.


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Tip: Labeling Moving Boxes

Here are some tips for labeling boxes when you are moving.

  • Label items with a large, dark colored permanent marker.
  • Make sure to note the contents in the box and the room that you want to box to be put in in the new house. That makes unpacking much easier.
  • Clearly mark boxes with breakable items with "FRAGILE".
  • For a very organized move, mark each box with a number and keep an inventory of which items are in each box.
  • Put together a box (or multiple boxes) for items that you will need when you first get to your new house and then be sure to put it into the truck last so you will have it handy.
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By ThriftyFun

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