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Surprising Someone with a Beach Vacation

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I am planning a surprise 50th birthday party for my husband next weekend. I have booked a surprise beach vacation for us in 3 weeks. Does anyone have any original ideas of ways to tell him about it? Any ideas would be really appreciated as I'm running out of time! Thank you!

Jayne from Montreal



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By Chris (Guest Post)11/10/2008

Run him a bubble bath and put a message in a bottle in the tub.

By Karyn [29]11/06/2008

How about printing up a "fake" winning ticket for the vacation. You can just say that you won the grand prize for an all expenses trip to ____ for two.

This way it will be a great suprise for the both of you.

You can tell him when you get there the whole truth. Remember - white lies don't really count.

Karyn from Ottawa.

By Lee Taylor [10]11/06/2008

If you want to drag it out for a while and tease him, you could make him a tropical drink when he got home from work (pina colada or rum punch or daiquiri.....complete with fruit wedge garnish on rim and paper umbrella!) Then make a tropical meal ( maybe, crab, etc, with blackened or jerk seasoning, beans and rice, plantains. You can get ideas from or and search for international meals).

I'd also set the table with a centerpiece of fresh fruit (pineapple especially) or sea shells or all the above. Then for "dessert" you could put on a bathing suit and ask him to put suntan lotion on you and wish him a happy early birthday! :) Have a great time!
-Lee from Florida

By Jayne (Guest Post)11/06/2008

I think these are all great ideas! I will definitely consider them all!

By Kim Churchman [3]11/05/2008

Me, I'd be wearing the suntan lotion and asking him to put some on my back when he got in the door.

By Barb11/05/2008

I would buy some suntan lotion, wrap it up in a beach towel and then birthday paper with a tag on the outside that reads....."Yer gonna need these on (insert the date of the trip)_______!" When he opens the package then you get the pleasure of telling him about the surpise trip!

By michelle (Guest Post)11/05/2008

One way to tell him is to buy him a shirt or shorts or flip flops or something to wear to the beach and ask him to try it on - but make like it is just a regular shirt. SO something like "honey, I saw a shirt that would look great with your blue (or whatever) eyes, try it on and tell me if it fits."

Then he will be puzzled when he sees it and you tell him about the trip.

Another way is to give him a box with travel size items like sun block, razors, etc.

Or get a box and put some sand in it, a drink umbrella, and some sea shells.

Have fun and is he ever one lucky man to have you!

By Anonymous [848]11/05/2008

I would place a little note inside his birthday card saying something like:

Congratulations! You have just won an all expense paid beach vacation for (how many people) to (destination) on (date)! Be sure to pack appropriate clothing and accessories for this fun filled excursion!

If you're waiting until the last ditch minute to tell him instead of on his birthday just tape the note to the bathroom mirror ;-)

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