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My New Puppy Has Bugs

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I have recently purchased a puppy. I am finding in the hair white bugs and the skin is flaking off the puppy. I have used the method of vinegar and water to spray this puppy with because he is only 5 weeks old. Is this fleas? I don't see any black spots or even black bugs of any sort. The bug is white with two little legs. Kind of like a white fly bug that you find on stems of carrots. The puppy has bumps all over its coat. Is this due to the bugs? I am wondering if I should take the dog back to were I bought it from to get my money back. He is a heathy dog otherwise. Can anyone help?
Snowstress, Wisconsin



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By dog owner. (Guest Post)02/07/2009

Check with your vet. It could be Mange if there are small patches with no hair. Mange is harmless if controlled and dogs typically build up resistance to overcome it. It could be a sign of poor health or the puppy just hasn't built up strong immunities yet. Your vet should be able to quickly identify what it is and if it's mange

By jaz (Guest Post)10/28/2008

Take it to the vet.

By krystal (Guest Post)09/18/2008

Your dog that has the white bugs has whats called walking dandruff. I'm not sure what the clinical name is but it a type of mite. It's ok hes still perfectly healthy I'm sure, just take him to you vet and they will prescribe a topical medication to treat the problem and don't stress its not really a big deal but it needs to be addressed.

By Chris (Guest Post)07/29/2008

My new puppy is 9 wks old. I am seeing alot of red small bugs on my puppy. What are these and how do I get rid of them?

By (Guest Post)05/06/2008

I have a puppy with the same problem. Does anyone know what it is? What kind of bugs are they?

By Sheila Hribar01/14/2008

The puppy should have been kept with the rest of the liter until AT LEAST 8 weeks of age. Havng said that, your pup needs to be seen by a vet right away. That way there isn't any guess work on what it is you are dealing with. Many products and chemicals CANNOT be used on puppies and kittens, So PLEASE consult a vet before you use ANYTHING on a puppy so young. Once you do find out what the "bug" is, please tell the litter owner's so that they can ge treatment started for the other pups in the litter.

By Annmarie12/09/2007

My puppy had mange( which can be passed on to other dogs) when he was found , and with a little research online , I was able to create a home remedy that cured it completley within 4 weeks, and cost me no more then $25 worth of supplies. Vet costs would have been around 2 grand. See your vet to be sure it doesn't cause in infestation to other pets and your self /home. Even if you can see the bugs they are considered parasites...

By (Guest Post)09/27/2007

I have no idea about the bug but pups shouldn't leave the litter till they are 8 weeks old! I have six dogs and they have had many litters. You should have taken that pup to your vet the day you got it for a check up!

By stephanie (Guest Post)08/09/2007

We have just adopted a Saint puppy and he to has little white bugs that resemble fleas. His skin is all bumpy and scaly. I am already attatched to my pup and wouldnt consider taking her back. Just wondering if you found out what those bugs were and the best treatment. We bathed her today and all the bugs are dead now. I hope the skin will get better with the bugs gone.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]01/30/2006

5 weeks is too young to be away from his mother. He's scared and lonely. Give him lots of cuddling and check with a vet about his care.

By tasha (Guest Post)01/30/2006

i had just got a 5 week old puppy and all he does is sleeps and cries. is this normal?

By Steph (Guest Post)12/17/2004

Oh certainly do have a sad situation. If at all possible I would take the puppy back to the mother (owners) and have them all checked at the vet. It sounds like it has some sort of mites. If you don't take it to the vet now, you most certainly will have a lot of problems down the road. Also, A puppy should not be weaned before at least 8 weeks of age as it will suffer from Seperation anxiety and will never be a happy or healthy dog.

Good Luck with whatever happens, and try to let us know if you can how the puppy is.

By Susan Bergeron12/16/2004

call a vet or an emergency vet clinic--- puppy could be carrying half a million different bugs---some could be the cause of the bumps, which usually means an allergy to those bugs---also will need to de-bug all the carpeting, bedding and furniture if you don't want the critters back---same problem occurs with fleas-- we fight a never ending war with an ex-hubby of a neighbor who doesn't know enough to de-flea means 6 cats in at least 2 other homes wind up needing the 'treatment' bathing with a soothing herbal shampoo from a health food store may help---just READ CAREFULLY---if you can get a vet check, please do. There are many diseases that are not apparent in the young ones----hope your puppy turns out okay

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]12/15/2004

Because he is so young, I'd definitely take him to the vet. If you can't do that, I'd wash him in Dawn dishwashing liquid and warm water. It does kill quite a lot of bugs but make sure you dilute it well. I'd think vinegar would be pretty harsh for such a little one.

If he really is only 5 weeks, he should still be with his mother so make sure to keep him close to you. Puppies really should stay with their mothers until they are 8 weeks old if possible. You might want to get a baby bottle and bottle feed him a little warm milk if he seems upset. It will help calm him.

Here's a good site on puppy care:

And another about the stages of development:

Best Wishes for a Healthy Happy Pup

Susan from ThriftyFun

By Jennifer Nelson [1]12/15/2004

Linda, thank you for pointing this out. His age...that puppy mill should be shut down.


By Jennifer Nelson [1]12/15/2004

Take the puppy to the Doctor right away. Don't spray him with anything unless it is given by the Vet. He is uncomfortable and needs relief.

Why don't you adopt from the Humane Society? The dogs and cats which are available are healthy, usually altered (if old enough) and have had shots.

Please let us know.

By Linda (Guest Post)12/15/2004

Also, a 5 week old puppy shouldn't even be weaned yet. He should still be with his mama. Sounds like the breeders wanted to make a quick buck with little regard for the pups welfare.

By Linda (Guest Post)12/15/2004

This sounds like a larvae of something, . I would take him to the vet.


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What are the small red bugs that are on my puppy?

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By Robin Harrison06/07/2011

Probaby chiggers or fleas. You should take the pup to a vet and get him looked at and de-wormed (all puppies have worms and need to be de-wormed, otherwise you could spread those worms to family members and your dog will eventually die). Your vet can recommend the best product to use to get rid of the bugs. I don't know how old your puppy is but you have to be careful with flea products until a certain age. Good luck!

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