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Using Lemon Juice to Kill Bugs on Houseplants

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Is it OK that I sprayed a mixture of lemon juice and water on a houseplant to kill bugs? Will the plant die?

Timmy from Thermopolis, WY



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By Diane12/04/2008

Try using Alcohol and Water spray instead....that'll get the bugs

By Luvnaz (Guest Post)12/04/2008

A mixture that does work and you can buy at the store uses cayenne pepper diluted with water and has a little dish soap so it sticks to the leaves. It will kill spider mites and scale and mealy bugs to name a few. It is non toxic and inexpensive.

By Louise B. [5]12/03/2008

I don't think it will hurt the plant, but I doubt that it will kill any bugs.

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