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Treating Heart Worms Naturally

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Does anyone have any tips for treating dogs with heart worms naturally? I know natural tips to prevent them.

Cajunangel from Shreveport, La.



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By Dan (Guest Post)05/11/2008

We also treat our dogs once a month with ivermectin (one tenth cc per 10 pounds of body weight) The same vet who told us to do this as a cheaper alternative to Heartguard, told us that you can treat a dog that already has heart worms this way and in 18 months the heartworms will be gone. Not a fast cure, but I have heard the fast cures can kill your dog and you also have to keep the dog very quiet for 30 days. With this method, you don't.

By Joyce Coker01/11/2008

Look at this link:

This is only one of many. Most treatments use the same basic herbs. My 6 yr old dog has been on herbal treatment for 3 years. The vet told me that the treatment they provided cost $300- $600 and would include three weeks of confinement in vet hospital..No guarantee of success ( and treatment sometimes causes death.) I could not afford that, as much as I love Bumba. After lots of online searching I went to health food store and found a human parasitic treatment with all the herbs needed. It is called PARAGONE. Please check it out as it has worked for her! I treat for three weeks and break for three weeks.
Do a google search using "herbal treatments for heartworms". Theres a lot of good info out there! Best wishes,

By Gina Johnston [12]01/10/2008

Really, really important note about ivermectin. As far as I know, the injectible kind IS SAFE for dogs. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that ivermectin oral wormer for cattle or horses is ok--CAUSE IT'S NOT! The carrier agent can sicken or kill your dogs...Just a word to the wise--call your vet if you have any questions before using a wormer.

By Paula (Guest Post)01/10/2008

If your dog already has heart worms, you need to get to a VET IMMEDIATELY! Sometimes it can be TOO far along for even a vet to fix!

By Becki from Missouri (Guest Post)01/10/2008

How do you prevent them naturally? Would love to know this. We treat them with ivermectin (cattle wormer) . This also gets rid of intestinal parasites. It's cheap and you can use it once a month. We use 1cc per 100lbs of body weight. Don't over do and don't use on young kittens or pups. God bless!

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