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Mildew Stains on a Cotton Tablecloth

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Looking for something to get mildew stains out of a cotton hand made crochet tablecloth.

Ronnie B from New Smyrna Beach, FL



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By Catherine Somerville [1]11/01/2005

Soak in Hydrogen Peroxide 3%( like you use for first aid) until evidnce of the stain is gone. This is a non-chlorine bleach. Then hand wash in mild soap and water then rinse thoroughly. Then place out in the sunshine to dry. Sunlight kills mold spores. There should be no evidence of the stain or the odor.

PS Hydrogen peroxide also is the best thing to remove blood from clothing too.

By Tanja from Malta (Guest Post)10/31/2005

Did you try rubbing with half a lemon, or shampoo, leaving to dry and then washing as usual? Or else., go the whole hog and stain all of it ... in cold tea, you will get the antique look on the lines of if you can't beat them, join them....

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