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Removing Mold Smell From Mobile Home and Clothing

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I have purchased an old mobile home for a summer vacation home. It has a moldy odor to it. Also, when I closed it up for the winter, I noticed that the clothes I took home from the closet and drawers have a moldy smell. Any items that I have just sitting around in there have the smell as well. I have tried washing the clothes over and over again, but the smell still remains. Please Help! Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank You


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By Dan03/23/2010

Try diffusing cinnamon oil in the room or, for clothes, washing once with no soap, but with a little bit of cinnamon oil. I can't promise it will work, but the oil has done wonders for eliminating all the mold from the lining of my fridge, just by diffusing it with bowl and a hair-dryer. If you don't believe cinnamon oil is strong enough, check the NYTimes. It's a stronger antiseptic than anything used in hospitals, and an excellent antifungal. Best of Luck!

By April [170]09/26/2008

Mold can and will grow in between your walls and under the carpet if the walls and floor have gotten wet. You may have to remove a section of carpet or some of the drywall to check it out.

By Jane (Guest Post)04/29/2008

We moved into a smaller apartment and the bedroom smells like mold. I have to keep the windows open the whole day and the next day its there again.

No sign of mold. A lot of condensation on windows. Could it be the window frames? I looked and it does not seem to rot or anything.
I suffer from Sinusitus.

By crafty (Guest Post)01/23/2008

How do you remove a gas smell from your house and clothing?

By emmygal02/11/2007

The "purewasher" does work! Our neighbor gave us 2 tbsp. of purewasher. We did one cycle with a tbsp. and ran a "soak" cycle with the other tbsp. I COULDN'T BELIEVE THE FUNGUS THAT CAME OUT! I ordered some and soaked all of our clothing and towels with a tbsp. and everything smells fresh again! It's kind of expensive but 1 order lasted my neighbor a whole year.

By LILY.R (Guest Post)01/18/2007

Can't stand the moldy smell coming from under the mobile home.Is there a solid bleach you can use or some kind air freshener, this only happens in the winter. Also is there a product to keep critters from taking up residence under a mobile home? someone mentioned moth balls....Help

By DB (Guest Post)01/10/2007

VINEGAR! My mom says to use a cup in the wash cycle and then, dry as usual. I would smell the clothing first before drying though b/c then the smell will set in. You can also RINSE clothes with a cup of vinegar (add it to the rinse cycle) if they have laid wet in your washer all day. Sometimes, I forget that i have clothes in the washer and leave them without drying all day. You don't have to re-wash, just rinse them again. Good luck!

By (Guest Post)04/10/2006

The cabinet in my bathroom has a strong mold smell. I have wiped it out with bleach but the smell is overpowering. I can't see any mold growing anywhere inside. What can i do? Anyone else had a similar problem? Thank you

By laurie [2]01/20/2006

We had a pipe under the kitchen area rot because it was so old. The SMELL was so offensive like something rotting underneath. The plumber came and said it was food from our garbage disposal and it had been sitting under our house for a long time. He cleaned it up,(poor guy) and put in a new pipe. He then had a bucket of lyme,(white powder) and spinkled it all underneath the area that smelled. Problem solved offensive smell gone. Ask your plumber where you can get some maybe a hardware store. Good luck

By Dana (Guest Post)01/20/2006

I bought a house and it has a leaky basement. The house is sooooo nice, but has this "smell" that we can not get out. One room has mold on the wall. What can we do?

By kathy (Guest Post)12/11/2005

We have a snowmobile bin that holds all our gear, and a duffle bag for hats, gloves and scarfs. Well my husband went to get our winter gloves out and the small bag had a mold smell to it, so all of our hats and gloves have a smell to them. Is it possible to run our things through the dryer to see if it will take the smell out, or should i wash them in soap and vinagar, help.

By Donna Ratzlaff (Guest Post)11/12/2005

We stayed in a motel that had a moldy smell. When we came home all the clothing plus the suitcases now smell. How can we get this smell removed from our clothing, etc. I have washed the clothing 3 times, even with clorox without luck. Please help!

By Missy--New Orleans (Guest Post)10/27/2005

Just removed some clothes from our water drenched house in New Orleans. They smell awful even after 8 runs through the wash machine. I will try each and every one of these remedies until I find something that works. Thank you! Just didn't want to have to replace everything... If I could just save some things, it'd be worth it.

By Jeanette12/31/2004

I read somewhere that you could buy "cheapie" cat litter, pour it into bowls/open cotainers & sit it around to absorb odors & moisture.

By Renee Griswell [1]12/29/2004

A friend had a dead mouse in the walls of her home and it smelled terrible until an exterminator told her to soak several cotton balls in sweet oil and place them all around. It is supposed to absorb the odor somehow. Worth a try!
Renee in TN

By Anna (Guest Post)12/29/2004

We purchased a camper trailer a few years ago and it had been covered for over a year and smelled very musty. We have an ozone type air cleaner and I closed the camper up tight and ran the cleaner for 24 hours, no more smell even after 6 years. I have also put musty clothes (coats) in the dryer with fabric softener sheets and that removed all the smell.

By Beverly [1]12/29/2004

Set small containers of bleach around to absorb the odors, of course being safety concious of small children or animals.

By Barbie (Guest Post)12/29/2004

As for removing the smell from the home there is a simple key...."If you smell mold there is mold..." so I would say it would be best to wash everything and I mean everything down with bleach water as bleach kills mold, make sure you ventilate well, open windows use fans etc. Also check under the home if possible, mobiles are good for having dampness and mold growth underneath if the ventilation is poor.....make sure everything dries out good......
as for the clothes I agree with the vinegar soaking....vinegar removes alot of odors......but I would still use the bleach to clean the musty,mildew, mold odors as it kills the mold spores, even if you have to repeat the process it's cheap and easy .......Good Luck

By Linda L. [33]12/29/2004

Soak overnight in vinegar and laundry soap. Rinse as usual in the AM. Hanging them out in the sun to dry woould be a good idea, too

By JOHN12/29/2004

Try washing with baking soda, then place in a plastic bag with some charcoal to absorb the smell.

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