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Printer Message: Not Communicating With Computer

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My printer is not working. Hasn't for a while, since it continuously says that there is no communication with the computer. What do I need to do to fix it? I have tried a few things to get it to work, with no luck. I miss my printer. I have photos that I need to print off and send to family members. Thanks so much from the computer genius, "not!".

By Johnsgirl


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By Marilyn J Ference [4]05/29/2009

You don't say what brand your computer is, but if it is an HP you can go to their website and click on the live help box. They have walked me through uninstall and reinstall a couple of times. I have now found out that when my printer queue's things I want to print I have to shut it off when I turn off the computer itself and it will re-boot and print what I want it too. Darn things can be so tempermental they must be females! (I am one too so no comments please.)

By PRISCILLA05/29/2009

I have an older printer that does this quite often. I get a pop-up box that says my printer isn't connected. I just re-boot my computer and then it works fine -- for a while and then I'll get the pop -up box again and re-boot and all is well for a couple of weeks! This is a continuing process but it keeps my printer working.

By Kathy [59]05/29/2009

Go to Google and type in your exact problem. The responses include a link to a site with the "you'd never firgure this out solution". Be very clear and concise. Example "printer has no communication with computer". Hope this helps. Or, type in the brand of the computer and the word "problem" and you'll get a troubleshooting page. Good luck, I know, it's very frustrating. I just had to buy a new printer. However, I got it on e-bay brand new for $90 vs. $350.00. I'm happy.

By Heather Krucker [10]05/29/2009

That happened to me when I switched internet providers. I callled them and their techs talked me through all the steps on what to do. I don't remember, of course, but try calling your internet provider. All my questions were answered for free.

By Frances Adams [11]05/25/2009

If you still have problems with it after all of the other suggestions, consider the age of your current printer, then check out the prices of some new ones. The last one that I had trouble with was out of warranty, nothing we did fixed it, and repair would cost more than the price of a decent new one from Walmart.

Good luck to---machines are frustrating when they don't do what we tell them to!

By t [2]05/25/2009

Have you tried the help menu in the printer software? After checking the cables and connections. check the printer properties to make sure that Enable Bidirectional Support on the Ports tab is selected (if it is not grayed out). I had an error like this happen with my office laser printer (hp) it wasn't communicating...after taking the steps above it prints without problem

By Mary [9]05/25/2009

Before you reinstall, make sure you uninstall the software using the "uninstall" option, either in the control panel, or on the installation CD that came with the printer; don't just delete folders. Then reinstall the software.

Sometimes a file just gets corrupted for some reason and this will fix that.

If you no longer have the CD, you can go to the manufacturer's website and click on "support" then look for "software and drivers" and you can usually find what you need and download it from there.

Good luck!

By Judi [17]05/25/2009

You can reinstall the printer. That happened to me and that fixed it. Also, sometimes you can just turn power off to both (I use a power strip) and then turn it back've probably done that since you said it's been a while. Try reinstalling.

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