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Bathtub Leaking Through Kitchen Ceiling

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Our upstairs bathtub leaks below through the ceiling onto our kitchen floor. We have replaced the shower pipe, faucets, hardware, tiles, caulked plus replaced the kitchen ceiling a couple of times. Nothing we have done has solved this problem. Help!

Chyrll from Memphis, TN



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By awanawr (Guest Post)05/24/2008

We had a problem with the location of our heat vent - on the floor, next to the toilet. Do you have a similar set-up? Best of luck!

By Kim Churchman [3]05/23/2008

Put a catch basin under the tub like a hot-water tank gets?

By Sher (Guest Post)05/23/2008

We had the same, exact problem! Our girls were not putting the shower curtain INSIDE the bathtub when they showered. Thus, the water dripped OUTSIDE the tub, to the floor, and then through the ceiling of our kitchen! Good Luck

By susan [5]05/23/2008

If you've replaced everything and can't find any leaks, it could be that water is splashing from the shower/tub onto the floor and seeping through the ceiling. It happens to us sometimes. I often will put a towel next to the tub when we shower to soak up any would-be leaks before they can soak into the ceiling below. Sometimes they come through the crack between the shower curtain and the wall, drip to the floor, don't look like much, but can cause problems.

By (Guest Post)05/23/2008

It might be the drain pipe...

By Judy (Guest Post)05/23/2008

Do you have a bathtub/shower combo?

We had a similar problem. The soap dish was loose, and water was coming through there. We had to remove the soap dish, and tile over that.

We put sheets of plastic over one wall at a time to determine which wall the leak was coming from.

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