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Repairing Torn Suede Boot


I caught my suede/fleece boots on a nail and ripped a hole in the top part of it. It's a 90 degree rip. Any ideas how to fix this? I haven't had them very long.

By Maile from Onalaska, WA


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By ruth langdon 9 70 03/17/2011

I once embroidered over a hole in some boots it made them, unique. They could at least be used and not trashed.

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By pam munro 523 790 03/18/2011

If it were me, I would put a leather patch behind the tear & glue it to the boot with household cement. Hopefully is won't show much.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,222 03/20/2011

I see you are from Onalaska. I live in a rural area too. My daughter who had ridden horses most of her growing up years tore the strap on an expensive purse. She took it to the local man who repairs tack, and he did a beautiful job.

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By Sherri 10 552 03/21/2011

Is there a shoe repair store in your area? I would bring them there and find out if they can repair it for you. Good luck.

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