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Does Pine Straw Attract Ticks?


Someone told me that pine straw attracts ticks. Does anyone know if that is true? I have tons of pine straw in the yard that I thought about putting around bushes and flowers. If it's going to attract ticks maybe I need to find something else. I was going to use it to save money but it sounds like I'd be spending that money on an exterminator instead.

Lisa from Raleigh, NC



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By Linda 5 32 09/26/2007 Flag

I put pine straw around my azaleas one year and when I went to work around them in the spring, I dug up a bed of baby snakes. I don't know about the ticks, but believe me, I never put pine straw around anything again. Also, yellow jackets will burrow underground under pine straw.

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By Casey (Guest Post) 09/26/2007 Flag

We used to live in an area with many pine trees, pine straw. Our 2 corgis would run outside in the yard and everyday, every time we came in I had to check them for ticks, and always had to pick some off. It was awful. I will not have pine trees in my yard now at all.

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By susan 8 1,368 09/26/2007 Flag

I use it around my flower beds with no problems, but we don't really have a tick problem in our yard. Out in the country, they may like to nest in it. I've never had a snake problem with it either. It looks neat, decomposes slowly, and acid loving plants sure like the stuff!

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By Gary Dominicus 23 35 04/06/2008 Flag

I think so. My neighborhood has a lot of pine trees and when my dog walks under a pine tree he usually ends up with a tick on him no matter what season it is. Gary Dominicus

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