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Peroxide Mixture to Remove Urine Stains


What is the peroxide mixture to remove old dog urine stains on carpet?

Pat from Seneca, South Carolina



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By Jacqueline Poppell 10 11/05/2008 Flag

16oz Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Tbsp Baking Soda
1 tsp. dishwashing liquid

Mix together and liberally pour onto stinky area. Let dry and then vacuum.

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By ellen wagner 18 69 11/06/2008 Flag

I found hydrogen peroxide used full strength works best on old stains. Test a spot first for color fastness. Soak the spot,leave it until it stops foaming. Blot it all up. Reapply if needed. I don't use soap of any kind any more on carpets it creates dirty spots.

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By Linda 1 82 12/17/2008 Flag

The only thing I use any more is white vinegar with
hot water.
I found this works best for me. Not only does it
remove stains, it also helps to neutrilize the odor.
Everything else seems to leave that behind, no
matter what I used.
We have a very old dog that is not very well any
more and she will not go outside so that means
I need to steam clean the rooms she is in often.
I use my regular full sized steam cleaner and
put 1 cup of white vinegar in the compartment,
then add hot water to the fill line. Go over the
area, maybe twice, and let dry. I do not notice any
vinegar smell while doing this and after it dries,
if I get down on my hands and knees to check
for odor, I cannot find any.
Make sure you do not leave any cleaning solutioin
or dirty water in either of your compartments. Rinse
both well with cold water. I have done this for any
of the cleaners I have used in the past. That way
the seals do not deteriorate.
I also just want to add that I found the vinegar and
hot water tip right here on this site from a couple of
others who use it.
Amounts are what I use personally and I like the way
it works for me.
Hope this helps others too.

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