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I have ants on my front and back porches. I have sprayed ant killer that I bought at Wal-Mart but the ants keep coming back. Please help.



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By terry07/28/2005

I had a terrible problem in my bathroom, and I bought some cheap ant baits (TAT brand, either at Dollar General or Family Dollar) to put out where they were coming in. Within a couple of weeks I saw no more ants. I normally don't kill bugs, but these things were getting into the tub with us, so I didn't have much choice since nothing else I did worked (barriers, sprays, etc).


By tricia07/27/2005

I read on another board to use pennyroyal, that ants won't cross it. The poster said she put it on the door frames to keep ants out.

By Maria (Guest Post)07/27/2005

First find an Avon rep. or go to and order SSS original bathoil spray. It works to keep bugs off of you and your property.

By Rebekah [1]07/26/2005

I agree with the PP about Terro .. it really works! Windex works too, something in it kill the scent that ants use to track their way home .. I keep a bottle by the kitchen sink (where we get ants in the summer) and spray them when ever I see them!


By Pat Wilson [4]07/26/2005

I ask a professional how to get rid of ants and they told me to buy" TERRO" and use as directed and this works !! I live in the mountain area and have had ants ever summer til now .You can buy this at a local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowe's . Good luck have a nice day !

By Kari [17]07/26/2005

Hi there. Sounds like you might need to get pest control out there to take care of the problem. I have tried my own sprays and when they just don't take care of the problem I call in the professionals. Good luck!

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