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Ash Blonde Hair Color Turns Out Red

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I am using a hair colour rinse, ash blonde, but it turns out red or pink. What can I do?

By corriganassumpta from Galway, Ireland


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By Dena Roberts [31]08/26/2009

You say you are from Galway, Ireland...maybe someone "up there" is trying to tell you something and you should be colouring your hair Irish red!

Seriously, go to a hair stylist once and get your hair dyed the colour you want. Ask them what colour and brand they use and buy that to keep up the colour. Good luck.


The posters who said ash brings out red gave me giggles because ash base is in the green/blue color spectrum and is used to keep natural red color base from coming through or to tone down red after a color boo boo! Not to be mean but remember the good old fashioned color wheel?

An exception to this rule is gray hair! Do you have gray hair?

Whatever has happened, whether wrong volume strength of peroxide, not understanding shades and color levels, gray hair or simply a bad batch of color (I am advising you as a retired after thirty year hairstylist) that you go should see a professional and tell them 'exactly' what you used and did!

If you telephone the manufacturer hotline you're going to need to do a bit of Google homework so you can tell them what color shade and level of your natural color because they won't be able to actually see your hair and you'll also need to tell them exactly what color of their brand you used, too!

Best of luck to you and let us know how you fair :-)

By Kathy [60]08/26/2009

I agree with the above post. Any coloring with the word "ash" in it conotates red.

By OliveOyl08/24/2009

Usually the manufacturer has a toll-free number you can call for assistance. Check the package.

By sarah lingamfelter08/24/2009

There is a product at Sally's beauty supply called unred. It eliminates unwanted red tones, and is compatible with any hair colour. It's about $6, but will last through several aplications.

By Patricia Eldridge08/24/2009

I would be careful of any hair color with the word "ash" in it as it is not uncommon for them to turn out red. You could try buying a color that is very similar to the color you want, but with out the word "ash" on the label.

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