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Kitchen Counters and Cabinets that Go With Oak Floors


I am thinking about replacing my kitchen cabinets and counter tops, but I am not sure what color I should choose for the cabinet and counter top in order to match my floor (oak wood floor with natural color).

Wendy from Phoenix, AZ



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By Carol (Guest Post) 12/23/2005 Flag

Try holding paint swatches up against your flooring. Determine if the wood hue has a yellowish cast or a reddish cast to it. I'm thinking oak is yellowish, but yours may be different. Actually any color will go with the flooring.. you just need to find a shade of that color that has similar casting to it.. This is just my opinion, but give it a try. Hope it helps..

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By Mairmie (Guest Post) 12/23/2005 Flag

Use whatever color scheme pleases YOU. After all it`s YOU who has to live with the choice. The so-called experts are only people who have their own likes and dislikes as we all do so trust yourself and good luck with your selection.

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By DeDe (Guest Post) 04/20/2006 Flag

I, too, have oak floors and cabinets and wondered about the right color. So I went to the paint store and picked up about 10 color sample strips I liked. I took them home, cut them into individual colors, then taped the small swatches to the cabinet doors. For a week I wanted to see which color caught my eye the most. It was different in daylight, night, and candle light. I settled on a 'sunflower' dark yellow.

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By Seana (Guest Post) 01/02/2007 Flag

If your interested in a modern kitchen, but also a classic style that would be more the event you want to sell your home in the near future. I would suggest a medium brown cabinet and the counter tops either in a gold, brown and cream combination. Also, you could go with a countertop with black with deep rich colors. This is a very classic style that will not become dated in the years to come.

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By PAMELA (Guest Post) 11/23/2007 Flag

I am stressing about what color to stain the wood floor and cabinets, I have a small condo with not much light, but am not wild about yellow.

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