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Evergreen Shrubs Turning Brown

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Last year I planted some evergreen shrubs. They are planted from 6 feet to 8 feet a part individually. They are about 3.5 feet tall. Something is turning them brown from the inside out. I have already lost one. Now the other 4 are "catching" the same thing. Someone please tell me what it is, what the cure is, and will it spread to the rest of my plants? I reside in N.W. Wisconsin if thats relevant.




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By Dan (Guest Post)06/30/2008

I live in NE Wisconsin. There's lots of evergreens turning brown here also. I think the reason is because last summer was very dry. Thus, the "greens" were not able to store moisture during the winter. Plus, we had lots of wind burn during the cold winter. We had many days of prevailing winds this last winter. The "greens" are turning brown as a result of this stress. I've been cutting the brown branches out (as long as there's no green buds on them). If the whole tree turns brown, cut it down immediately to prevent pests which may invade the surrounding evergreens. I hope this helps.

By cari05/23/2005

in Colorado we have voles, small mice type things, they will go under the bushes and eat the bark, and that will kill the shrub from the inside out. Look for little trails running fom the bushes into the yard, inspect the under side of the bushes, is the bark stripped? If the problem is voles the best thing to do is to trim the bushes so they do not hang down to the ground, voles like to hide.

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