Removing a Steam Mark from Table


I have a white stain on my wood table from steam. How do I remove it?

By Retta from Knoxville, TN


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By Toni 3 18 09/24/2010

Combine vinegar and olive oil in equal parts to remove white spots left from moisture on wood. Apply with a clean soft cloth and work the vinegar/olive oil mixture into the wood in the direction of the grain to erase the white water spots. Good luck!

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Archive: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

I did the iron method on my new dining room table to remove a heat mark but now i have a steam mark. How do I remove that?

Carolyn from DR, TX

RE: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

I had the same problem but the iron method does work believe me. You might have held the iron on the spot too long. Fold a white teeshirt in half and place it directly over the spot then heat up the iron and move the iron over the spot for no more than five seconds at a time. Don't hold the iron on the spot, move the iron across it slowly, keep doing it and check after each time, it should work it did for me. Good Luck! (10/07/2008)

By GailDG

Archive: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

I ironed on my dining room table and it left a big white stain. I've tried the mayo/ash trick, but it didn't work. Any suggestions?

Jane from CA

RE: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

This article has many good tips on removing white rings and heat marks off your furniture: http://raidz.net/blog/how-remove-wh ... rings-and-water-spots-your-furniture (11/30/2008)

By Andrew

RE: Removing a Steam Mark from Table

This just happened to me! I took a towel (a dish towel) set my iron to steam (make sure you have plenty of water in it), and hover over the mark for several minutes. I would lift the towel and check it while you are doing it. The wax paper idea didn't work for me. Then you need to get some lemon oil because your wood will be dried out. Good luck! Start to finish, 10 minutes. (01/13/2009)

By MeganW

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