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Setting Up a TV Antenna

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Does anyone know the proper way to set up a TV antenna? I would like to free myself from the Dish Network. We have an antenna and a turning device. What type lines will we need to set it up? What connectors will be needed, etc.? Any general help or instructions will be appreciated.

AnnMel from AR



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By Alan b. (Guest Post)07/28/2006

I did this a few years ago and it works great. Go to Radio Shack or similar electronics shop and purchase a "step down transformer." This has two U-shaped connectors, that fit on the antenna, on one end and a coaxial cable connection on the other end. Use coaxial cable from the TV antenna to your VCR or directly to the TV. Since the 75-ohm coaxial cable is shielded against interference, it greatly improves your reception versus the flat, 300-ohm TV cable you're probably using. You won't receive any more channels than you normally would the old way, but you'll probably see no more "ghosts" on your channels.

It might even be possible to connect the cable from the antenna to the existing cable in your house. That way, you don't have to run a new cable all the way to your VCR/TV.

Good Luck!

By Patrickk07/17/2006

Check out Radio Shack online at
Do a search for "antenna" and you'll see quite a few options. I have a friend of mine that has used the roof-top version since they first came out (yes -- that long ago!). He's never had cable or a dish all these years. Only recently did he pay about $250 to replace it with a new one. We haven't had cable for years and are using a set-top pair of rabbit ears.

If you opt for the "amplified" indoor version, do check out the rating for the db gain. Ours is 19db. The higher the number the better. We found the RCA model at Wal-Mart to be the highest rating for the best price.

HOWEVER, be aware that as of mid-February 2009 all analog TV broadcasts will end. After that all broadcasts will be digital. You will need a digital converter for your TV. "Fortunately" the US government is offering a $40 voucher (limit two per household) to help offset the costs.

This change-over is known as the "Digital TV Transition and Public Safety Act" which became law on 2/8/06. Here is the official website:

And here's the "consumer friendly" site:

Hope that helps!


By Sherry Hampton [31]07/15/2006

Sorry I don't have an answer for you. Where do you buy an Antenna?
Cable is going up, up, and up. I would like to do away with Cable! I live in a Mobil Home and afraid of Lightnig.
Hope someone will POST a REPLY soon for you.
Good Luck.

RE: Setting Up a TV Antenna

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