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Which crockpot brand name is the best?

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Which crockpot brand name is the best? I have a hamilton beach and absolutely hate it. It gets too hot and always burns the food. I want to buy another brand.

Linda from Hayward, WI


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By Bonnie (Guest Post)08/15/2006

I also have the West Bend 6-quart Slow Cooker Plus (matter of fact I have two of them, one's a smaller size). It's great and has an oblong shape rather than round which is so much better. After I got mine, all 4 of my sister-in-laws went out and bought one for themselves too, they were so impressed with it. I've had mine for about 12 years and it still works great!

By Bonnie [13]08/13/2006

Actually, I read on-line rreviews and Rival got the worse rating...the best rated was T-Fal...which I have not been able to find.
I have an old, old Rvial from the 80's that I would like to replace, but it works fine.

However, I am afraid that todays' products are not made as well and that the same brand might prove a disappointment, hence the on-line reviews.

I found a neat one, featurewise, at K-Mart, I think it was Hamilton-Beach.

I am still undecided however.

By Kelly [15]08/12/2006

Rival 5 qt with removable ceramic crock. Put your food in the night before, then while you are getting ready for work, let it set on the counter to "warm up", then turn it on before you go (or add your liquid warm to help with the temp change). I have had mine for 7 years, but both families have had Rival for 20 + years, with no complaints! I have never owned another brand, so I am totally biased ;)

By Pamela O'Brien [1]08/11/2006

Just a note why most people preferr Rival . Rival actually has the copyright on the word "crockpot' (because they nvented it)so the others are copycats and have to call themselves "slow cookers".:)

By Jackolyn Smith [15]08/11/2006

I've had a West Bend slow-cooker crock pot for over 15 years now, and I love it. It's a 6-quart size with tephlon interior. I've never burnt food in it, even when I've left the food in there for more than 10 hours some days while I'm working!

By Holly [349]08/11/2006


By Lee Anna08/11/2006

Rival for sure. I had the same crock pot as yours and shared the same frustration. My Mom picked up the Rival and it is wonderful. No lost meals yet and I really enjoy the Fix-It and Forget-Iy cookbook!

Happy crocking

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]08/11/2006

I like Rival the best. The one I have right now I'm quite happy with. It is a 6 qt size and oval in shape with a removable liner. I think it cooks better than my old one....perhaps cooks at a higher temp. Wal-Mart carries several nice looking crock pots and the price is right! I love crock pot cooking. I wouldn't say I use mine a tremendous amount ....atleast once/week but am trying to start using even more. I really like the convenience plus the food tastes real good!

By jean (Guest Post)08/11/2006

I own 2 crockpots, a 5 quart, and a 2 quart. The large one is a Proctor Silex, and the small one is a Rival. Both have worked well for years. Pror to these, I had a Rival for over 20 years. I can recommend both of these brands.

By Jean (Guest Post)08/11/2006

I have always had Rival crockpots. I've never had any problems with them. I believe Rival made the original crockpot.

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