Borax for Fleas

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How do I control fleas using borax?

By Missy from Jax, FL

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March 28, 2011

One of the best ways to rid your home of fleas is by using borax, so it's a good thing you're on the right track! There is a full guide on how to safely use borax to kill fleas on

Good luck!

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April 14, 2011

You don't have to pay money for a guide... there's a good one here for free:

It really works, btw!

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Tip: Borax For Fleas

By Bev 5 71

Having lost an entire litter of kittens due to fleas, I had to find a cheap way to rid my house of them. Just after my cat had a litter of 2 kittens, they too had fleas. A friend came to my rescue. She said to sprinkle borax over all carpeted area. Though I was skeptical, I was willing to try anything. I purchased the borax from fishing supplies. They use it to cure salmon eggs for fishing lures. And, it is very inexpensive, cost just $6.00 for a 5 lb. bag. That was enough for a large living room and 2 bedrooms with some left over.

You do have to wear a mask as you do this, since the dust is bad. Sprinkle it over all carpet areas pretty heavily. Don't miss areas under furniture. Then sweep or drag your feet over the powder until you work it into the carpet (This causes the dust). If animals cannot get under furniture you don't need to work it in. That is all you need to do. Within the month my house was not only free of flees, but it lasted for years.

Animals might still bring in fleas when they go outside, but when it jumps onto the carpet it still kills the fleas and their eggs. I was flea free since 2000. This year I did have to redo it. And no fleas again. I just couldn't afford the higher prices sprays or professional treatments.

Source: A friend who's brother is into homeopathics

By Bev from Longview, WA

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Question: Using Borax for Fleas

What do you do with your pets when using the borax? I have three cats with fleas.

By Kathy C

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September 7, 2011

I just got rid of the fleas on my indoor only cats and did not use borax, this took a little longer but my cats were ok. I got 3 boxes of iodized salt or the cheapest salt available and poured it in my hand and broadcast it everywhere including under the bed couch etc. left it and also threw baking soda out the same way. I buy it in the big bag in the pool section. and leave till next time I vacuum (there are only 2 of us and I vacuum 2 times a week) after vacuuming I redo the salt and then after vacuuming the next time I do the baking soda. At the end of the first month the fleas were gone. Oh by the way i did have to treat for fleas my 2 small dogs that went in and out and were the carriers for the indoor fleas. Now no fleas.

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Archive: Borax for Fleas

To rid your home of fleas try this. Buy a box of Mule Team Borax (available in your store's laundry soap isle), spread it over your carpet (I use an old colander). Use a broom and sweep it into the carpet. Wait a couple of hours then vacuum. The residual borax that remains in the carpet will kill the fleas and their larvae simply by drying them out! Works like a charm.

By Lucia


RE: Borax for Fleas

This does work quite well for fleas. However, please be aware that if you have pets, they will get it on their feet. It is possible for it to be ingested when they lick their feet, especially cats. I had one dog that got sick from it. Good luck! Barb (07/01/2004)

By Barb

RE: Borax for Fleas

I am also curious as to if the Borax is harmful to toddlers. We have fleas BAD, thanks to the humidity and our pets. I don't want my toddler to accidentally ingest the Borax. (08/26/2005)

By Amanda

RE: Borax for Fleas

About Borax being poisonous, according to the poison control center, it can be but only if large amounts are eaten. Because you have a toddler, put down the borax, then leave for a few hours and vacuum up. Keep the toddler and the pets out or in another room until it has been vacuumed up. I've found it to be very good against fleas but I've also heard that salt works very well. (08/26/2005)

By Susan from ThriftyFun

RE: Borax for Fleas

Borax is a natural way to get rid of fleas. I am currently in a science class (college) that has discussed this very subject. First, get the borax from any supermarket. A few boxes. Second, sprinkle the borax over the entire carpeted areas of the home and under the cushions of the furniture. DON'T put it in your bed. Be sure to do ALL of the carpet of the home and inside the cloth furniture where possible. Third, use a broom to massage the powder in to the nap of the rug. Leave the powder on the carpet for just 72 hours. Now vacuum everything. The furniture and the carpet. Vacuum very well. You should not visibly see the powder when your done.

It may take 3-6 weeks, but I guarantee after that you won't see another flea for at least a year. Be sure if you wash your carpet that you repeat the process all over. Notes: Fleas have a 3 week cycle of larvae hatching, this is why the delay. If you don't treat your rug right after washing, the vacuum is your friend and the fleas foe. If you have an especially bad infestation in a particular room, set the vacuum in the middle of the room and leave it on for a few minutes. (Be careful not to burn up your motor. Set one front wheel on a book and the vacuum should just run nicely) Fleas sense the movement of the vacuum and go to it, then it sucks 'em up! If you do that every day for a few days the infestation will at the very least be much better. Another trick is to put borax in your vacuum. Just sprinkle on the floor and vacuum up. The fleas that get sucked up die in bag. (11/06/2005)

By Kathryn

RE: Borax for Fleas

Hi guys, I just thought I'd add this:

Borax is about as toxic and dangerous as table salt. In other words, your pet would have to ingest about 3000mg of either substance per kilo of body weight (or 2.2 pounds) in a short amount of time for it to be very dangerous. Either way you look at it, that's a lot of salt and borax. It helps to keep the pet brushed and give them plenty of water during the first few days of the treatment - especially with kittens and puppies. I've never heard of any permanent, serious or long term side effects from using this method of flea control. Good luck! (02/04/2006)

By Sophie

RE: Borax for Fleas

There is a product called Bio Flea Halt (biohalt?) which has the same active ingredients as Borax. You could read the label on that to see the correct methods of application.

I bought biohalt first, then a few weeks later learned that Borax (mule team) is the same stuff.

I now save about $12 per application.

By Qryztufre

RE: Borax for Fleas

Years ago I called the company that owns Borax and asked them about using it for flea control inside the home. The woman on the line said that they are not allowed to recommend it as such because they are not listed as a pesticide, however she did say in a very careful statement that she knows of many people who use it as such - and it seems to work. We have used it and it does work. Sprinkle it on carpet - brush it in with a clean dry push broom. Let it sit a while and then vacuum it up. Repeat after 10 days to catch any fleas that hatched. Leave it in - do not vacuum under the sofa. Pets can't get there anyway. My mother used it as a roach killer under her shelf paper for decades. Good luck. (07/16/2006)

By Neena

RE: Borax for Fleas

This is so helpful! We have two dogs and everything we have tried has failed us. My mom old me about salt, since thats what a pest control person told her mother, but Borax sounds like it will work just as well.

My issue with this was my kids. One is walking and the other is now crawling. The salt has worked wonders so far, but I will definitely try this if they come back. Oh and as far as it goes about salt ruining my carpet, I don't care. it is ugly and the only room left that isn't hardwoods. Its coming up ASAP anyway. I am just tired of the fleas! (07/18/2006)

By lifewithmadman

RE: Borax for Fleas

Everyone worried about their babies and toddlers -- the fleas themselves are probably more harmful to your children than the borax. Please look into the tapeworm life-cycle with regard to cat fleas and make sure your cats do not have tapeworm. The tapeworm egg sacks may or may not be noticeable -- they look like rice and may be stuck on the hairs around your cat's rear. You will need pills from either an online source or your vet, they kill the tapeworms in the cat's stomach, but the fleas must be rid of at the same time.

There are health risks to non-cat critters associated with cat tapeworm that may be life threatening. The cats themselves are generally not at high risk from the tapeworm, unless the cat is losing too much weight or becoming dehydrated / lethargic. But to stop the cycle the fleas must be killed and the tapeworms in the cat eliminated, all bedding cleaned, and the house vacuumed.

You don't just get rid of fleas then become lazy. If your cat's go outside the best defense is flea combing 1-4 times daily to get rid of adults actually on the cat, cleaning your rugs with borax and DE (diatomaceous earth), keeping your house cool and dryer, and being vigilant, especially when it's warm and humid outside (i.e. all year in Florida :) ). (08/07/2006)

By Criss

RE: Borax for Fleas

Do not use multiple insecticide products on your cat - borax really does work best, and without the need for pesticide products in my experience. In fact, I'm about to use it again for a new kitty we adopted, who came with a single flea!

My first experience with fleas was in Miami with my first kitten and an older roommate's cat. I apparently attract fleas like no other human alive, and had bites all over my body - so unpleasant!! We tried everything - bombed our apartment, fitted them with flea collars, had them dipped at the vets. Nothing worked, and unfortunately the combination poisoned my cat (even though the insecticide professionals and our vet told us these treatments were safe). I had to drive one hour to a special vet, daily, for special injections. He lived thankfully (and for 13 years more!) but it was scary - and very expensive. After all that, we still had fleas. In the end, I finally heard about Borax and it was the only thing that worked.

Borax should not be put directly on your cat - but you can easily rub it into the carpet and the fabric of furniture. I also sprinkle it in corners where I know my cat won't go, and in the folds of our couch, etc. I repeat this every so often, but don't sweep it up. I also wash all bedding and blankets, towels, etc. every day or few days for about 3 weeks. I have never noticed any negative reaction in my cat, but I certainly have noticed the fleas are gone. It works!! (09/16/2006)

By Kristie

RE: Borax for Fleas

I am so glad to know that borax can help to rid of fleas. Is there anybody know where I can find food grade diatomaceous earth in the local store? I don't want to wait too long to get it by ordering through internet because my daughter became a severe target of flea attract. (09/30/2006)

By Icetea

Archive: Borax for Fleas

RE: Borax for Fleas

Yesterday as I was cutting my Cocker Spaniel hair I realize that he has fleas or ticks I don't know exactly what they are since this is my 1st time in 10years to deal with something like this. So I gave him 2 flea/tick bath then this morning. I took him to the groomers to get him shaved completely. I placed fogger in my home then I pour Borax in my carpet where my dogs are not allowed. I sweep it with a broom then I vacuum with my Kirby, then I through the bag out. But after I did all that I did and started to deep clean my home by cleaning the couches and washing every piece of cloths we own. I had one bite me in my foot when I went to grab it, it jump. Help what should I do? I have a 3 month old. (12/12/2007)

By Lilly

RE: Borax for Fleas

Glad to see that I'm not alone in this fight! I have very small kids (2.5 and 1 year old) I'm not keen on putting anything harmful on my floors, can anyone tell me if Borax is harmful at all? My kids are taking the brunt of these tiny monsters. My dogs are treated regularly and they never come into the house. Someone also told me that hardwood floors are the problem. Cheers from South Africa!

Editor's Note: Borax is about as poisonous as table salt. Table salt also works good for getting rid of fleas. (01/06/2008)

By Andre SA

RE: Borax for Fleas

I've had my dog for over 3 years and have NEVER had fleas before, but she has been infested for about a month. The Frontline hotline assured me they would not be living on her, but I finally decided to take other measures.

I read that fleas hate citrus, and since I now live in Florida. Simmer citrus rinds for a few minutes and spray your pet with the liquid. She wasn't very receptive to the idea, but her Frontline Plus obviously was not working. She was covered with eggs and I could see a handful of fleas on her underside, so God knows how many I wasn't seeing! It seems to have deactivated them somewhat. I plan on giving her a flea bath anyway and she has been going nuts with itches.

She also takes Brewer's Yeast daily which is also good for keeping the dander down which is what is responsible for triggering allergies. I wasn't sure if I could use the detergent Borax, so I bought the more expensive product marketed for this purpose. I will be exchanging it!
Thanks for this page!


By N, Cognito

RE: Borax for Fleas

Have used borax to rid my pets and home of fleas. Works better than most brand pestacides with no harmful chemicals. I would strongly advise all pet owners to visit a web site called Earth Clinic for holistic cures. This site will give you flea treatments for your pets. These treatments are chemical free and really work. (01/29/2008)

By shelley

RE: Borax for Fleas

I was advised by my vet's office to purchase 20 Mule Team Borax washing powders and put it throughout my house and to try to leave it down for a couple of days. She said it would save me money because that is what the exterminator would use. I used it in the house and in my yard. It was extremely effective. She also said to just leave it under places like the couch, refrigerator and stove, etc, I do not know about the watering the yard down though, I have read that the water weakens the borax and that you have to put it out again if it rains. (02/02/2008)

By Jerry

RE: Borax for Fleas

My friend has used Borax for fleas before with success, but when the fleas go WAY too much to handle, I told her to wash the cat and then give him a good rub down with baby oil. The baby oil isn't harmful to the cat, but it doesn't allow the fleas to breathe, therefore, they die. Didn't take long before the fleas were gone and the cat was (mostly) sane again:) This was used in tandem with Borax on the carpet. (02/05/2008)

By GingeredZoe

RE: Borax for Fleas

I had no idea what this flea infestation ruined my life - such a nuisance/disturbance. I was getting the bites but not my husband/son. I let my dog sleep in the bedroom with carpet and the fleas just multiplied. We took out all of the carpets, used the fogger from home depot/lowes about 3-4 times in 3 weeks, put borax all over and put the home defense spray under the baseboards. They're 95% gone and i still see 1 - 3 fleas a day. whenever I see the fleas on my white socks I dip them in a bowl of water mixed with 409 spray and they get killed instantly. I put white socks on so can see them right away. how long can I leave borax on the floor? I've vacuumed and put borax all over the floor and should I keep putting borax for 2 weeks until the eggs hatched and get killed? How do you kill the eggs? pls help - i want to get rid of them 100%. I need my peace of mind as i don't want to get any more bites. (02/22/2008)

By agnes c

want to kill fleas

My husband and I never had fleas before and last year we had them so bad it was un real . I tried everything and nothing worked. We even bought that very expensive front line and that didn't even work. :(
So I thought hey cock roaches are very hard to get rid of the same as fleas so why not just get a roach bomb and see if that works. and it did we never seen a flea since and I have 6 dogs which all go outside to use the restroom and come back in. after you bomb make sure you give your pet a flea bath and sweep the floor take the bag out right after and you should be good to go. I hope this helps (03/08/2008)

By jennifer r

RE: Borax for Fleas

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! My husband and I got a 'pound puppy' back in October. The poor thing - she has not gone a day without fleas :(
The pound said she had been treated with Revolution. A couple of weeks after we got her, we took her to our vet for a general check. He said she was VERY healthy, she has a BEAUTIFUL shiny coat too. We feed her strictly Iams puppy food. She is very active and a happy pup. Our vet suggested she stay on the Revolution, even though I complained that she had fleas. He simply said she's 'due' for more. She's a mixed breed of Dobie & some kind of water dog. You can't keep her out of water. I did keep her out of all water for 24 hours after applying the Revolution. She STILL had fleas!

I asked the vet for something else at her next 'due date.' He gave us Frontline. AGAIN, I kept her out of water after the application. POOR THING - still had fleas! We got Adams puppy flea spray to use between the Frontline applications. I tried a Hartz product from the pet store. Still HAS fleas! My husband bathes her once a week sometimes more & flea combs her until the cows come home. She's usually pretty good about it too, she knows when he gets the comb, she lays down.

We treated our yard with (the name escapes me) it's a brand name product in a red bag & says "SEASON LONG PROTECTION." Granules that you water in after applying. I have done THREE applications in two months. You got it - STILL fleas!
I remembered Borax, from someone a long time ago. Did a Google & found this site. We just got a box of Borax & will start today. I see here, some vacuum it up straight away & some leave it for a couple of days. I think I'll leave it. LUCKY, my husband and I are, the fleas have not bothered us.

This POOR dog :(
I WISH there were more consumer alerts on all of this flea "medication' that doesn't work and apparently can be DANGEROUS to animals! We are also going to try some Apple Cider Vinegar in her water.

YES! It seems like everyone in Florida has problems right now with fleas. The last dog I had passed six years ago & she NEVER had a problem with fleas and she did NOT have a flea Rx treatment either. MAYBE the breed does have something to do with it? My old dog was a SharPei. She had a BEAUTIFUL SOFT coat. Other than when she went into heat & blew her coat, NO SKIN problems and ate a diet of Iams.
This is CRAZY!
Off to powder the carpet & looks like a LOT of laundry! As our Sally sits everywhere we do! (03/09/2008)

By Sandy

RE: Borax for Fleas

I have found out through testing that borax does not kill any ticks you may have in the house. I placed 3 ticks in a container with 20 mule borax and left them over night and they where still alive. (03/10/2008)

By wre11

RE: Borax for Fleas

Actually my question is about Borax itself. My daughter used it in her home and is now moving and is industriously cleaning each nook and cranny, and has gotten really sick. Her symptoms are sores along the inside of her mouth, a very sore throat, body aches, her hands and feet are very tender and sore to the touch and she has no energy. Could this be in any way a side effect of inhaling and coming in contact with Borax? (04/05/2008)

By darlene lackey.

frontline & advantage are not working

I live in Florida & have always used Frontline or Advantage on my dog & cats. (1 dog, 3 cats). All of a sudden neither of the above worked. I have been struggling since January to try to get rid of the fleas & my house is now infested. My poor dog was chewing on himself until he was bleeding. Not to mention he had bald spots & all the sore spots. He is highly allergic to fleas. I tried everything!. Apple cider vinegar in their drinking water, lavender oil, brewers yeast w/garlic tablets, spraying the house, & yard, vacuuming daily, diatomaceous earth.

I tried anything and everything that I either read or heard about. Nothing worked! The poor dog was was miserable!. I was at my wits end! Finally last week i called my vet & he told me that EVERYONE he knows seems to be having the same problem with both Frontline & Advantage including himself who has 8 dogs & 10 cats & after calling the makers with no good explanation or relief he started looking for something that worked.

He found a new product that came out the end of 2007 that is called "Comfortis". It worked on his pets & he suggested i try it, which i did!. Within 4 hours ALL fleas on the dog were dead!. I could see them dying & falling off within just 2 hours. Today he is flea free & resting comfortably which he has not done in months! Unfortunately this product is not yet available for cats but I am now using Promeris for them. Will have to see if it gives them any relief. Good luck to those who are having the same type of flea issues. "Comfortis" can only be purchased by a vet or you must have a prescription. All I know is that it worked great & both the dog & me are happy! FINALLY RELIEF! (04/27/2008)

By Lee

to darlene lackey and her daughter

How is your daughter doing now? In mid-March, I have used Borax in the same way around my apartment, and I also felt sick, sore aches, and everything. Now my fingers are swollen, I have back pain, and doctors don't know why yet. I was diagnosed with Mono at the same time, but there is a chance of mis-diagnosis (I may have had Mono before). Give us an update on her health. (05/05/2008)

By samantha

RE: Borax for Fleas

My husband and I have been using Borax for about 15 years on our yard. We lightly throw it about the yard every spring. We have NEVER had a flea or tick or even termite problem even though our next door neighbors have had problems with all three. This is our 3rd yard to use this technique on with great results. I highly recommend it. (05/15/2008)

By Lisa

RE: Borax for Fleas

20 Mule Team Borax kills fleas in your carpeting. It's a laundry booster and drying agent. It will dry up the flea eggs that are burrowed into the carpeting. Sprinkle the Borax on all carpeting, beat into carpet with a broom. It's safe for pets and children to walk on. Leave on for 24 hours. Vacuum carpeting and throw away the sweeper bag. If you don't have a bag, clean the container on the vacuum thoroughly. You can also put two moth balls into your sweeper and the vapors will drawl fleas out from under furniture.

I work for a Vet here in Ohio. We give this home treatment to all our clients. Sometimes you get a flea infestation that needs the power of 20 Mule Team Borax. Still treat the pets with Advantage, Frontline, Revolution or Promeris. Promeris is a new product out on the market.

Stay away from flea shampoos, flea collars, flea bombs, flea powders, etc. These products will make your pets very ill in combination with a flea treatment. These products go into the pets blood stream and too much can make them very ill or even can die. Also, if your pets are still scratching, they could have a allergic reaction to the flea bites. See you Vet for an allergy shot. Good Luck! The 20 Mule Team Borax really works! (05/17/2008)

By Suzanne

RE: Borax for Fleas

I strongly believe in Borax for killing fleas, inside and outside your home. You can use borax for all types of cleaning within your home, it is safer and environmentally friendly compared to bleach and so many other cleaners on the market today. Just a little note about bleach if you use it, it must be Clorox brand to kill viruses and it must be one cup to one gallon of water (that is very strong and can be harmful to you and your animals) and left to sit for at least ten minutes, not what the bottle says 3/4 cup and five minutes.

Anyway for all of you who have cats with fleas. Wash your cat with palmolive dish soap, the original only (Green). It kills fleas on your cat. Unfortunately I can't tell you how I know, but believe me it works. (05/20/2008)

By Q.New

RE: Borax for Fleas

I just used almost two boxes of Borax bombed the whole place with an extra bomb in each room and bathed the cat. Now I will see if this all works.

Question for you. How often to I Borax the carpets?

Editor's Note: Usually doing it once will work, kills the eggs and the fleas. If you notice after 2 weeks that there are still fleas, try it again. Make sure to vacuum it up after a couple of hours. (05/25/2008)

By Betsy

RE: Borax for Fleas

I'd like to try the 20 Mule Team Borax in the yard. Can you give me idea of how much to sprinkle on yard. Do I sprinkle it by hand for put it in a spreader! Thank you! (05/26/2008)

By Suzanne

RE: Borax for Fleas

I've had cats my whole life. The frontline, etc. worked fine for the first couple of years after they hit the market; in my personal opinion, though, we just made tougher fleas. For the past six or seven years I have just used Borax and, though I still see one or two fleas a year, they don't last and we don't get any infestations at all. Around March I start sprinkling once a week or so and keep it up until October. Sprinkle everything, wait at least two hours, and vacuum. Use 1/2 cup in each load of laundry. (Borax is also an EXCELLENT odor-killer if you have any kind of urine issues or- like me- 3 stinky-footed teenage boys!)

This is a great forum, and full of useful information, but I do want to note a couple of things (WARNING; boring but necessary chemical stuff followed by really useful getting-rid-of-fleas information),/p>

Many people are confusing one chemical for another. Borax- 20 Mule Team Borax- is one of a group of boron-containing chemicals called borates, which includes boric acid, boric oxide, ammonium penta borate, potassium tetra borate, you get the idea. While these are part of the same group, small differences in structure make a big difference in function and effect, including toxicity.

BORAX IS NOT THE SAME THING AS BORIC ACID! 20 MULE TEAM BORAX is Borax Decahydrate, which is also known as Sodium borate decahydrate and Sodium tetraborate decahydrate.

There are differing reports as to the toxicity of Borax Decahydrate. An extensive review of published literature- including recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, and International Commission on Chemical Safety- shows these areas of agreement:

Borax may irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.
It is absorbed into the body by ingestion (eating), inhalation (breathing), eye contact, and POSSIBLY through skin contact.
Symptoms of overexposure might include coughing and shortness of breath. Symptoms of skin irritation might include redness, itching, and pain. Eating it or drinking a solution made of it is a very bad idea.

The bottom line is that 20 Mule Team Borax works so well as a flea treatment because it breaks down the cell wall, causing the death of the cell, and people are made of cells!

The same action (denaturizing proteins and enzymes) that makes it a terrific disinfectant, pesticide, and laundry additive makes large amounts of it lethal to both humans and pets. It is very very safe to use, but it is NOT"non toxic" per-se. DON'T USE BORAX IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. As far as I know, there are no published studies demonstrating teratogenic effects in humans, but better safe than sorry.

To avoid irritation, wear gloves if you have sensitive skin (I just wash my hands afterwards), ventilate, and never ever ever use this on food-related items.

If you are interested, HERE IS THE MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) FOR 20 MULE TEAM BORAX:

PS- On the other hand, Borax was used as an (ineffective but apparently harmless) anti-epileptic drug for about 30 years, and many people still use it as a"natural" remedy for ailments ranging from the common cold to yeast infections (I don't even want to know)
Back to the bugs:

When the snow is gone I start to sprinkle. I use a Pringles can with holes cut in the lid for the big outside/basement jobs and a cheap plastic confectioner's sugar sprinkler/cup in the house. I can do my house & whole yard once per box- 2,500 sf house (plus upholstered furniture) and an area in the front of about 50 x 100 feet. I slack off sometimes, but it seems like if you get them under control early-ish (before June), you can skip a week without trouble. I keep a sprinkler near the hamper & throw some in there when I think of it.

The key is to GET RID OF ALL OF THE FLEAS & EGGS TO START WITH- a previous poster was having trouble but was only doing one room. Plan on 1 or 2 days to do a complete flea-sweep. Start by taking all the bedding off & take down any curtains that touch the floor, then SPRINKLE EVERYTHING. I sprinkle the mattress, then lay all my pillows on it & sprinkle them. I turn them after 2 hours & sprinkle the other side just for the hell of it. WASH ALL YOUR CLOTHES, BEDDING, EVERYTHING. Use the hottest water possible. If you can't wash it, or if you can live without it for a few days, lay it flat, sprinkle it, and stuff it in a plastic bag for a week. I do that with winter clothes, big comforters, dry clean-only stuff, as well as anything that has to wait in line to get washed. SPRINKLE YOUR CAR UPHOLSTERY, too!

Outside, don't bother with a spreader, just take your sprinkler & walk around the yard salting it. If it isn't windy, it doesn't take too long, and you'll start to get the feel of how much to shake to leave a fine dusting all around.

One poster mentioned not vacuuming up everything in the house, leaving some Borax in the nooks & crannies as insurance, which I do on the porch and in the basement, but BORAX IS A SALT! SALT ATTRACTS WATER! If you have a humid day, any Borax you leave around will turn into lumpy, STICKY sludge and be VERY difficult to remove, especially from porous surfaces. It can be rinsed off hard surfaces with water.

My cats don't seem to like the way it feels- I never see them lying around on the porch or in the yard when I have dusted in the past day or two, but, just to be safe, I do KEEP PETS OUT OF THE HOUSE while the Borax is down and I recommend others do the same. If you have an indoor cat, confine the cat to one room for half the day while you do the rest of the house, then switch the cat to another room- making sure the cat is flea-free first! Re-do any areas of concern.

WARNING: I'm about to sound like an advertisement, but I don't work for the company! I'm just a good old-fashioned (cheap) New Englander who likes the least toxic solution possible!

Once you get in the habit, you won't be able to live without the 20 Mules. It REALLY increases the efficacy of your laundry detergent, especially if you have hard water. I do a separate load of just socks once a week, but even then the odor from my son's socks seemed to carry over into the next load until I started using Borax in the wash. Thank God,because I really didn't want to give them all up for adoption- who would carry my groceries? :) A friend takes care of her elderly father at home and, as clean as she is, his room always smelled a little like urine until she started mopping the floor post-accident with Borax.
And, back on topic, my youngest son's cat is a long-haired indoor/outdoor cat who occasionally carries fleas in on his fur even when he's wearing a collar, but we never get infested any more.

geekophelia(take this part with parentheses out)@(take this part out, too) (05/27/2008)

By Betsy

RE: Borax for Fleas

This is a wonderful website and I do also believe in being cautious when using any type of cleaning product. But I must say so people are not afraid of using Borax due to the post concerning the MSDS for Borax you should also view a MSDS for Salt. You'll be surprised! (05/28/2008)

By Q.New

RE: Borax for Fleas

Wow. I have the same problems as you folks. I live in Tallahassee, FL and this flee thing is out of control! This is my second infestation. I'm fed up. The first infestation was coming from my roommates girlfriend. Long story short...he would transport the eggs to my apt.

Anyway, this is the first time I've herd of "borax" or salt. I will try anything! Frontline CEOs should be put in jail for FRAUD...they suck. Don't waste your money.

My plan of attack is as follows:
Borax the carpets, vacuum, bomb the house, spot spray with can (under beds, furniture, etc...) vacuum again. Oh, also...I went to my vet and got a pill called "CAPSTAR." Its amazing. It kills any flees on my pet for 24hours. It really, really, worked. In fact, right after I gave my pet the pill (in an hour or two) you could see flees just dropping! They're about 4 bucks a pill....not too bad. Just give one or two every month to your pet. Good luck flee fighters! (05/29/2008)

By datnole

RE: Borax for Fleas

We've had 2 indoor cats for over 10 years & NEVER had a flea problem. Add a dog to the mix & we had an infestation last fall that nearly drove me crazy! Thanks to the tips I read on here, we tried the Borax & it worked miracles.
Just a note, we were a little worried about the animals walking around on it (we left it overnight), so I just spread bed sheets around the floor & newspaper when I ran out of sheets. In the AM I threw the paper away & put the sheets in a hot wash.

This Spring we doused the yard with bug killer & it hasn't done a darn thing,we have fleas again (I know my neighbors' dogs are a major contributor). & not only that, I am watching my 4 month old twin grandsons every day & I'm afraid to put them on the floor!
I am glad to know that it works to sprinkle it outside, I hadn't heard that before & tomorrow I'm going to go buy several boxes of Borax & a couple of cans of Pringles!

Just wondering if it works on other bugs too? We have a big chigger problem & my son is allergic to them. And we (along with everyone I know) are having a big problem with the little black "sugar" ants in & outside! (06/04/2008)

By lyonpridej

RE: Borax for Fleas

Advantage is the best.

By jeff florida

RE: Borax for Fleas

I have a lot of comments about what I've read here.

First, the fact that some people have gotten sick from Borax is a big concern. Also, the fact that it attracts moisture concerns me -- does this mean it can't be used in a humid environment?

Several people have talked about using Borax in the yard. Boron is something of an environmental hazard, as it can kill fish and a variety of plants. In the yard, it would be better to use diatomaceous earth.

I have a new flea infestation and I've sprayed about 13 bottles of poison in my apartment in two weeks. I've used the sprays that have IGR (insect growth regulator), but apparently I haven't gotten all the spots where there are eggs. I had bed bugs in NYC, and they were easier to get rid of than fleas are!

I would use diatomaceous earth inside the house, but I want to leave it on the floor for a while, and I'm concerned that my walking around will stir it up (it is like powdered glass and can damage your lungs).

Having these fleas in the house jumping on me and biting me is so disturbing! I've lost all my peace of mind! (06/13/2008)

By Caleb Murdock

RE: Borax for Fleas

I have a lot of comments about what I've read here.

First, the fact that some people have gotten sick from Borax is a big concern. Also, the fact that it attracts moisture concerns me -- does this mean it can't be used in a humid environment?

Several people have talked about using Borax in the yard. Boron is something of an environmental hazard, as it can kill fish and a variety of plants. In the yard, it would be better to use diatomaceous earth.

I have a new flea infestation and I've sprayed about 13 bottles of poison in my apartment in two weeks. I've used the sprays that have IGR (insect growth regulator), but apparently I haven't gotten all the spots where there are eggs. I had bed bugs in NYC, and they were easier to get rid of than fleas are!

I would use diatomaceous earth inside the house, but I want to leave it on the floor for a while, and I'm concerned that my walking around will stir it up (it is like powdered glass and can damage your lungs).

Having these fleas in the house jumping on me and biting me is so disturbing! I've lost all my peace of mind! (06/13/2008)

By Caleb Murdock

RE: Borax for Fleas

Just a note on my previous post:
I cannot repeat it enough; to get rid of fleas, you have to get rid of them on EVERYTHING AT ONCE. Sprinkle all your floors, etcetera. Then start on the laundry, wash everything in the hottest possible water or sprinkle it and wrap it in plastic. If you have a lawn or even a dry garden area, they can breed there. There are BORON-SENSITIVE PLANTS, though, so before doing anything other than the lawn, please google that phrase.

If you have a severe infestation, re-do everything every day for two weeks. The fleas have a life cycle like anything else, and you must get them all, including any that survive initial treatments or hatch later.

Leave the Borax on rugs and patio for at least 3 hours. You are better off doing it more often than leaving it on a long time. DO under the furniture, under cushions, INSIDE the bottom of the couch, chairs, if you can get there. Invest in good flea/bug-proof covers for your mattresses AND box springs. If your patio/basement/kitchen is dry, you can keep the sweepings in a little pail & reuse them a few times to conserve.

If the Borax gets wet, it is AWFUL to remove from rugs, cloth. If you live in a humid climate, test the Borax on a linoleum or tile floor FIRST. Sprinkle a yard-square area and check on it every 15 minutes by just touching it with a fingertip. You can easily feel when it begins to absorb moisture- it gets tacky and starts to clump.

With repeated infestations, keep in mind that you may have one particular source of new fleas... inside a new couch, furry winter boots, a box in the attic, a box spring, something like that... really think about places they can lay eggs like fabric.

If you have trouble finding Borax - go here: (replace this with the httpandwww part)20muleteamlaundry(dottcomm)
There's a store locater link, Borax is listed under laundry care products. KEEP YOUR PETS AND KIDS AWAY FROM THE BORAX!

-Betsy Geekophelia(remove and replace with at symbol)yahoo(dottcomm)


By Geekophelia

RE: Borax for Fleas

You can get borax at Publix, bought the big box for $3 dollars
Washed down my dog, waiting to see results (06/30/2008)

By bizo2

RE: Borax for Fleas

Well I have known about Borax being used in the home for a few years now, and yes it works great!
But my poor dogs outside I have been going crazy trying to figure out what to do for them so as with the others I am going to try the Borax out there, as well as the capstar.
Do they have capstar for puppies? I have one that is 3 months old on our back porch so I am hoping to relieve him also. (07/23/2008)

By Nita

<img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=76897492" width="400" height="531" alt="RE: Borax for Fleas">

RE: Borax for Fleas

Hi all!
I came across this site, and there seems to be some confusion here as to use of the borax. Borax powder will NOT KILL FLEAS IMMEDIATELY! It is meant to be a continuous treatment strategy. It can be used for active infestations, but it will take TIME to work to its fullest extent.

Here is an excerpt of a posting I wrote to another site:
Speaking of vets, and lovely fleas, since this is the time of year for them, here is a foolproof way to rid your home of fleas forever:
Take 8 parts of 20 Mule Team borax and mix it with 1 part regular table salt. Mix. Put the mix in a large shaker container, like for carpet powder or body powder. Turn off ceiling fans, and sprinkle the mix lightly (like scented carpet freshener) on every exposed or reachable area of carpet you have, under beds, dressers, in closets. (Heavy items which entirely cover the carpet, like entertainment centers with door bottom cabinets do not have to be moved.) Brush it in gently but well with a broom.

Let any dust settle for a few minutes in each room before allowing pets/kids back in. Wait for one week before vacuuming. The foot traffic helps to work it in deeper so it can do its job. Do this twice a year, like clockwork, spring and fall for instance, and you will never have fleas infesting your house again. It's worked for us for 8 years now.

If you keep the ceiling fans off, and sprinkle low to the ground, and brush it in well but gently, it shouldn't put dust all over the room.

Now, this does not prevent pets, or people for that matter, from picking up random fleas from outside. (for indoor animals that go out, like dogs) After CONTINUOUS USE of the powder, seeing a random flea on a pet is not a worry. Pretty soon after it jumps off, it's toast, so you can ignore it.

One other hint: It can be applied during an infestation, but it will take about two weeks up to a month to get rid of them entirely, depending on how bad it is. It will work, though. Use the borax powder carpet mix in combination with a couple monthly applications of the flea drops to speed up the process if it's really bad, and to give the pets immediate relief.

Caveat: Very rarely, some people/pets can be allergic to borax. It would be a good idea to mix a pinch with water and apply to the skin to test. Especially first-timers. Inside of the elbow is usually a good spot. On a bare-belly spot on animals. Wait 24 hours. If no reaction, proceed. (Borax is very useful as a cleaner in allergy-prone households, but there are always some rarities out there, like me, who is sensitive/allergic to aloe, my one dog who is allergic to rice & soybean, and my friend who is nasty-allergic to chicken. There are always exceptions to every norm.)

I have read the scientific papers, waded through the reams of information on Borax (20 mule team in the laundry aisle is the safest one) and it is NOT TOXIC. (Dust can be itchy, though, and not good to breathe in large doses, just like all dusts) As listed above, some random people may be sensitive to it, so do the allergy test first.

Borax is actually in a lot more commercial products than you would actually believe. Most for skin care. Ever used bath salts? Guess what they're usually made of? DINGDINGDING you win!
Use it with confidence as a long-term permanent preventative, and be confident that you will never need to worry about the little buggers ever again. When you move to a new place, first thing, treat the carpets! (Broom it in hard in the empty space, then vacuum immediately. Then move in the furniture.) Then every spring & fall thereafter do a re-treatment.

I hope this answered some of your questions!
Jenny (08/01/2008)

By Jenny

RE: Borax for Fleas

I really think it's worth restating this part of one of my earlier posts....

There are differing reports as to the toxicity of Borax Decahydrate. An extensive review of published literature- including recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, and International Commission on Chemical Safety- shows these areas of agreement:

Borax may irritate the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.
It is absorbed into the body by ingestion (eating), inhalation (breathing), eye contact, and POSSIBLY through skin contact.

Symptoms of overexposure might include coughing and shortness of breath. Symptoms of skin irritation might include redness, itching, and pain. Eating it or drinking a solution made of it is a very bad idea.

The bottom line is that 20 Mule Team Borax works so well as a flea treatment because it breaks down the cell wall, causing the death of the cell, and people are made of cells!

Also, if anyone is interested, I have an email info sheet on killing fleas with Borax that I've been sending on request.

:) Betsy (08/01/2008)

By Geekophelia

RE: Borax for Fleas

We tried fumigating with store-bought bombs to no avail. Sprinkling Borax throughout the house and reapplying followed by vacuuming everyday for about a month has worked great. We still see a random flea here and there (0-3 a day), but cleaning up all the dead ones has become a priority. I should note that we didn't always vacuum cracks in our hardwood floors and under the baseboards after applying the Borax, which, I think, is a good strategy. We would vacuum these areas less frequently, immediately reapplying the Borax as these are ideal breeding places. As for our cats, we had them treated with Advantix, an injection that renders fleas infertile.
After the first week of battling this hardy, highly irritating species, we were at our wits end. DON'T GIVE UP! THE BORAX TAKES TIME TO WORK, BUT IT DOES! (08/02/2008)

By Shannon

RE: Borax for Fleas

(submitted via email)
Have fleas and a puppy. Had the yard sprayed and the house bombed once. Put Borox on bedroom floor and vacuumed up after a day. The rest of house is wood floors How do I get rid of them without harming my puppy? Alma (08/04/2008)

By jess_admin

RE: Borax for Fleas

I recently discovered that my apartment has a small infestation of fleas, which I was alerted to early on since my corgi is allergic to them. A friend at work suggested the Borax treatment which I have diligently applied three times over the past week and vacuumed up after several hours or more. Since the infestation is small, I'm not sure how to tell how well I'm doing. I've not been bothered at all, and I am trying to use my dog as a gauge.

Does anyone know if a dog that continues to gnaw on her fur and scratch her body still could have gotten rid of her fleas? I'm not sure if she's only dealing with her allergy or a skin irritation from the borax. (08/07/2008)

By Angelina

RE: Borax for Fleas

I moved into a home that had a basement, and was totally infested with fleas. I mean you could no go down to do laundry without getting eating alive.

I used all of the over the counter bombs and they did not help. My mom told me to use the Borax, I immediately went to the grocery and bought every box they had. I sprinkled it all over the basement and I have never seen another fleas down there since.

I do have a problem in my yard and I am hesitant to use it in the yard, but I have been researching a flea treatments for the yard and have come across, BENEFICIAL NEMATODES, has anyone heard of that?

Apparently they are microscopic worms that occur naturally in soil. They feed on different kinds of pests including FLEAS. I am going to try this, If anyone has every heard of it, and used it please let me know how well it worked. sassyjoann1 AT (08/14/2008)

By Rosey

Archive: Borax for Fleas

I have had my boxers on Frontline PLUS but it doesn't seem to be working. My female boxer just had 2 pups which are two weeks old. Fleas are all over them. The Vet said wash them in Dawn detergent and put Borax down. I have done this. Can I wash the mom and dad boxers in the Borax as well?
Cubby from Lancaster, SC


RE: Borax for Fleas

I have used Borax for a few years now. We were INFESTED with fleas a few years ago. I tried bombing, meds the works. Nothing took care of them. I now sprinkle Borax into carpets, furniture, etc and rub it in good. Let it sit for 7 days (put towels on the furniture for use) and then vacuum it up. It works and no danger to pets or people. I recommend it to everyone. (08/20/2008)

By momma-to-6-cats

RE: Borax for Fleas

Should I get rid our cat? Have fleas in our house and have followed the advice everyone has given here regarding borax, salt and vacuuming. We've done it twice and our infestation seems to be getting worse. I have about 50 bites on my legs thankfully my husband and son are bite free. I saw a flea in my son's hair so we have an exterminator coming tomorrow. This is so time consuming and expensive. I can't go through this again. I love my cat but, would getting rid of her help? Please help. (08/20/2008)

By moniquen

RE: Borax for Fleas

Try using brewers yeast in your dogs food, fleas hate the smell NOT BAKING YEAST! Go to a health food store and buy it. You can rub a little on the dog's coat too! (08/20/2008)

By MaureenBarnard

RE: Borax for Fleas

Diatomaceous Earth works well. The lady is right, once you get an infestation you have treat everything and everyone. Getting rid of the cat will not get rid of your flea problem. (08/26/2008)

By alisacarol

RE: Borax for Fleas

I can vouch for the borax working well, also. We have a crazy cat loving woman that moved into our apartment building recently. She has roughly 10 black cats in a one bedroom apartment. Needless to say, the cats were hanging out in the breezeway all of the time, and it did not take long before I noticed that my ankles were getting bit every time that I walked through the breezeway.

Both my car and apartment had a full blown flea infestation within a few months of the cats arriving here. I jumped on the net and found out about borax. I sprinkled the borax in the floor of my car and all over the carpet in my apartment. Like magic the big flees were gone in just a few hours. The little fleas hung around for a few weeks which were probably eggs hatching.

Although the little fleas were still annoying, their bites were nothing compared to the larger fleas. The cat woman is still residing in our apartment building, and the black cats are still in the breezeway almost all of the time. Many people are starting to get upset with her because she refuses to get rid of the cats. The apartment rules state only 2 cats per apartment are allowed, and she is way over the limit. It amazes me that some cat lovers: love their pets more than they do humans. The cat woman inflicts misery on everyone who lives within the building complex attached to our breezeway.

I am moving out of here within two months because our apartment management is doing nothing to solve the problem. I am still being attacked in the breeze way by fleas daily. I have started to throw table salt out in the breezeway and in the nearby bushes just about every time I walk in and out of the apartment. Table salt helps, also. Although, I am still getting bit by flees in the breezeway, the flees that I pull out of my socks are getting smaller and smaller. Hopefully, they will disappear completely soon. Anyway, borax works great. (09/10/2008)

By John

RE: Borax for Fleas

The Ecology Works Dust Mite and Flea Control uses a type of Borax you can mix with water and spray on to fabric. This eliminates the messy dust, and when dry, bonds with the treated carpet etc. so your vacuum won't remove it. Great stuff works for at least 6 months with one treatment. (10/07/2008)

By Itchy and Scratchy

RE: Borax for Fleas

Just wanted to thank everyone on here for the suggestions. We have 4 dogs and 2 cats and are infested with fleas. Have tried Hartz Plus, Frontline, Adams, Advantage, Sevin Dust, Dawn dish liquid, etc. etc. etc. Can't wait to try the borax now! Also, a little info for everyone, my vet told me that OTC flea products cause liver damage or even failure in pets and, that Advantix should not be used on white dogs as it causes hot spots. (10/30/2008)

By Beth

RE: Borax for Fleas

That is awesome information! I love you, cat lover! (12/15/2008)

By yo mamma 3000

RE: Borax for Fleas

Sorry, but the Borax thing is unconvincing. I recently bought a couple of boxes of the 20 mule team stuff and completely powdered my 600 sq ft apartment. This included moving furniture around so that I could get underneath. Waited about seven hours, and then vacuumed it up with one of the Dyson vacuum cleaners with a clear tank. The next morning, I looked inside the Dyson and I could see dozens of fleas playing on top of all the borax I vacuumed up. It was like a winterpark for fleas. My girlfriend wants to do another borax treatment this weekend. I won't be surprised if the fleas that end up in the Dyson build igloos with the borax, have snowball fights, snow forts, ..... (12/18/2008)

By Courtney

RE: Borax for Fleas

Borax cannot be put on animals, it will burn their skin alive. It is an insecticide and will make the animal sick. Borax is to be put on the rugs since fleas live in the rug. Fleas are jumping on your animals from the rug. so put borax on the rug only. Remove the fleas from your pets with a flea comb. This flea come needs to be put in hot water for a few seconds then quickly comb through the cats or dogs fur to remove them remember comb the animals hair through with the flea comb and keep dipping it into the hot water to dislodge the fleas. (12/19/2008)

By maggy

RE: Borax for Fleas

Remember there are several kinds of borax. The detergent is not what you need. (12/19/2008)

By maggy

RE: Borax for Fleas

This is almost sounding like an urban legend. Either laundry powders are natural flea killers or they are not. Since all pesticides require such labeling, if Borax powder were a pesticide, it could sell for better price than a dime a dozen. So, I think if it works, probably most laundry powder would work as well. I imagine someone mistook Borax for boric acid and since the laundry powder happened to kill the flea, she thought this was the cure. Anyway, this can be verified easily, and someone has said watching fleas playing on Borax powder. Let's prove or disprove it once and for all. Would someone that had Borax worked for her try other laundry powders? Thanks. (12/21/2008)

By Patrick

RE: Borax for Fleas

If you look at the info on borax, both sides are right here, yes it would kill fleas, but yes for a while they would be able to dance around on top of piles of borax for a week, since they apparently die AFTER INGESTION IN 3-10 DAYS DUE TO STARVATION. Hope this clears it up: (12/24/2008)

By Randy

RE: Borax for Fleas

I know for a fact that Borax does work for fleas in the carpet. I used it in my home because it was safe to use around baby. The difference is that I left it down for a week. I never had a flea after that. (01/05/2009)

By Misty

RE: Borax for Fleas

If the Borax is ingested by your pet it will KILL them. It causes kidney failure. Try using Martha Gardners wool wash, which has a small amount of Eucalyptus oil and will only kill the fleas. Lavender oil also repels fleas, but do not use undiluted Eucalyptus oil as it also can be poisonous if not diluted. (01/10/2009)

By lynda

RE: Borax for Fleas

Borax works. Some people say it is toxic for cats. We never had a problem, but we only have had dogs.
Brewer's yeast also helps repel fleas from dogs and people too. It is a natural source of B vitamins and when ingested, it puts off a slight odor that fleas and other biting insects hate. I had heard it is especially high in B2 so it could be that B2 is the active ingredient here.

I was on a nature kick years ago and ingested some brewer's yeast before a canoe trip. There were black flies on the river and they totally attacked my friend in my canoe. Not one fly came near me. The only explanation was the brewer's yeast. I have since told my sons about this and they have had the same results. (05/27/2009)

By jholl0829

RE: Borax for Fleas

I read through most of the comments here and they are helpful. I want to share some tips including one I tried myself.

From a relative who has had multiple flea infestations due to her cats over the years: She buys Borax in the laundry aisle at the supermarket, sprinkles it on her carpet and furniture, uses a stiff (like a straw) broom to brush it into the carpet and fabric so it penetrates, leaves it for about two hours, and vacuums those ares. She keeps her cats out of the room until the vacuuming is completed. This has solved her flea problems numerous times and she now does the above twice a year as a preventative measure. No ill effects on the cats.

One person said she did the above and it didn't work, but she mentioned she uses a Dyson vacuum. Anyone who has one of those (I do) knows they suck the living crap out your carpets. I suspect none of the Borax remained after she vacuumed, or not enough to help her. Just a thought.

Here is something I found online that I tried and it worked, helps a little. Get a lamp (like one you might have on a desk, mine has a little clamp on one end and a sort of metal snaky neck so you can position the lamp where you want). Point lamp at floor about six or so inches up. Put a shallow pan or plate (I used a dinner plate) and pour in a mixture of dish washing liquid and water. I gave one good squirt of the soap into a bowl and put water in, stirred it up, and poured it onto the plate. Did this before going to bed so the lamp was the only light around. In the morning there were 7 fleas drowned in the soapy water. The light attracts them and they drown. Now I don't know how bad our infestation is, but the only good flea is a dead flea, and if this "trap" kills any at all, that's one less to bite you and lay eggs. I am going to do this in various rooms and every night until I stop getting any fleas as an indicator of whether there are still any around after I do the Borax.

Hope the above helps someone. (07/14/2009)

By Boooth

RE: Borax for Fleas

Okay. I used it. Not one flea for at least the first day. But then they came out of the woodwork. Literally. More than ever, only fewer adults. Therefore, thanks to this forum and different takes on it I am now an official pontiff regarding the 'how to'.

As one member said, it is more important to blanket the borax wall to wall, and vacuum frequently, then wait too long and do it once. Gestation is about every 15 or so days. Therefore, we need to get those creepy crawlers out of the driver's seat the first time before they have a chance to 'leave' another generation.

I've already used several boxes, vacuumed thoroughly over hardwood floors, texture chairs, then followed up with washing rugs, blankets, etc. So, after day three here, and second application, our dog only had one flea on her today. She's got hot spots so I lathered baby oil/ Vaseline on the tender skin. It kills them while soothing the bites. So...I'm lurking, and checking. Ouch! Just one bite under the desk. *shrieking*. "I'll get you my little prettee...and your little DOG too"!

Oh'm gosh, I'm getting manic. Anyway, I'm sure it's a keep-up thingie, and I am going to give it this week. Yep. I'm going to report at the end of the week to see if we accomplish this parasitic genocide! "MUuahHhah"! (08/06/2009)

By deebee48

RE: Borax for Fleas

It's me again. As promised, I am coming to you from the Midwest with a week's application of Borax and its results.I must admit that it is a STORY and an interesting progression.

~ I have gone through nearly 3 boxes of Borax, have vacuumed religiously throughout the home.

~We've noticed that the dog has only a few of them, but we douse them with mineral oil or Vaseline so now we see none. I also bathe her in flea shampoo twice to give her relief.

~ Husband is taking a piece of packing tape for each room. In the morning, if one jumps on his ankle, he uses the tape to paste them to the tape. After a week of this natural application, we're seeing fewer of them.


Infestation is much more critical than one imagines. One can get rid of the mass, but the dad gum things are prolific bearers and leave egg sacks which promote new generations as deep as your carpet netting. YUCK. They are trying to conquer the domain, but it is up to you to keep up the resistance and this can be done with Borax. Natural defense might take longer, but it is less harmful to the environment and has fewer side effects to your animals.
We are going to do a few more treatments and report its effectiveness. Thanks for your patience. If you have some new information and/or advice, please give us a smoke ring! (08/12/2009)

By deebee48

RE: Borax for Fleas

I am one who has used borax with great success. We had a neighbor with "yard dogs" that got no care, no attention, and, so, that yard is home base for a major flea problem that has moved to the five adjoining properties. Despite trying a couple of different flea drops on my chihuahua, I would comb 4 fleas off him every night -- his short, thick hair is quite difficult to comb through, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't getting all of them.

I knew I was on the verge of an about-to-bloom infestation and was about to go out of town for 10 days. I didn't want to come home to a flea disaster as I did in 2006.

P>Unlike many of you have suggested, I sprinkled the Borax, "broomed" it in and left it down for the entire time I was gone. I found ONE flea when I came home, and that was on the ceramic tile in the bathroom where I had not dusted. Now, I'm not finding any on my chi when I comb him.

By the way, regarding combing your dog: it is not necessary to use hot water. Simply put a bit of dish soap. I use the "regular" Dawn, and swish it around, but not enough to make suds. Just like putting soap in the "flea light-trap", the purpose of the soap is to break the surface tension of water, so that the fleas will sink. Without the soap, the flea might stay afloat long enough to reach the side of the dish and escape. Wetting the flea comb does help trap the flea, but once you pull them out, drop them in the soap-treated water, and they sink like lead, so they drown.

By the way, a fellow animal welfare volunteer suggests using Borax AND Salt to dust carpets. She says that it better entices the fleas to eat the Borax. I'm not so sure of this, but thought I'd add it.

Hope I've brought something useful to the party.


By Eclipse94

RE: Borax for Fleas

*Warning* The lightest dusting of 20 mule borax turned all of my grass brown. I have 3 fenced yard areas. The only one to turn brown was the one I dusted.

1st) I gave my dog a bath with flea shampoo. That only helped for 1 day.

2nd) Between last summer and this summer I tried 3 different spot drops: Frontline Plus, Biospot, and Hartz Sentry. None of these lasted more than 10 days. They all have the same active ingredient but the Sentry is half the price.

<P.3rd) I dusted the yard with 20 mule Borax and Sevin5. This only seemed the help about 3 days and made the grass brown and crunchy.

4th) I used Adams dip with an IGR. This only helped about 2 days. I also sprayed Adams spray with an IGR only in areas where the dog was biting. That only helped about 2 hours.

5th) I sprayed the yard with Adams and Biospot yard spray. This only helped about 2 days.

I tried it all. I followed all the directions and read all the precautions. I repeated the treatments based on the fleas life cycle. Nothing works! My dog still has fleas and my grass is dead. Since my grass is already dead I think I'll spray it down with gasoline and light it. That will kill the fleas for sure. As for my poor suffering dog I think I'll just shave him bald and teach him to use a kitty litter box and never let him go outside again. Argh I hate fleas!

Seriously my only hope at this time is I can't wait until Michigan's bitter cold winter kills all these super surviving fleas.

Death to the fleas please! (09/14/2009)

By kc48174

Archive: Borax for Fleas

Fleas--Now is the time to rid your house with natural products. Save a bundle. Mostly, be kind to your animals. Spread dry 20 Mule team Borax, about 1 and a half to 2 cups per average size carpeted room. That is where the fleas live and breed in your house.

Leave for 2 weeks without vacuuming so the cycle covers eggs, larvae and adults. You will have eliminated your household fleas for at least a year and a half. If you get a few freezes, your yard should be pretty well rid of them as well.

Be careful in warmer weather what pets may bring in from a drop in. Your yard could become reinfested. Visitors arrive with a dog with fleas? Keep your yard flea free by asking them to contain their dog (safely, not in hot car).

Treat your animals flea allergy with Willards water xxx and watch the quick healing. Also a natural product that does some amazing things. Check on internet about Willard's water. Your pets will be so much better off and comfortable.

Source: Tried and true for years. Personal observation after using professional Flea Busters

By muttmom from roseburg,or


RE: Borax for Fleas

This is very dangerous advice - Borax is poisonous - it can irritate and cause serious damage to eyes, and can be lethal if ingested! (11/13/2009)

By merry50

RE: Borax for Fleas

I used Borax for my petting zoo located in Florida. If applied safely, there are no side effects or danger as some people believe. I had great success managing a huge flea outbreak and kept it under control using Borax. We dusted the entire zoo with Borax and reapplied treatment as needed due to weather. All animals were treated with spot-on. I also treated indoor areas with Borax. After two weeks, the fleas were gone. For people who are concerned about Borax, I totally understand.

However, I made a personal choice to use Borax because the fleas were a health risk to the animals that far out weighted the exposure to Borax. Using Borax alone does not make the fleas disappear. You need to treat the animals with 'spot on' and Program. (I say 'spot on' because there are several choices like Frontline Plus, however, that's another subject) The fact you are researching for answers is a good sign and with the correct information make the right choice for your pet. I'm not a professional. I'm just an animal owner sharing my experience with Borax. After using Borax, my animals are happy, healthy and I'm sleeping better at night. (11/21/2009)

By n2dy2k

RE: Borax for Fleas

Has anybody tried using borax in the steam cleaner? We are fighting the little demons and I think we might be gaining ground! I had read that dteaming can help but wasn't sure if I could skip a step by adding the borax to the cleaner, I was also thinking of adding salt to the rinse tank but I have read that the salt can actually attract moisture and thus mold./mildew.

We used the dishsoap to bathe the cat and dog last night, even though it didn't kill all the fleas on them right then I only found 3-4 fleas on each and they were moving slowly. But boy are their coats shiny and soft.

Any ideas are helpful I am trying to not use anymore flea powders or sprays since we a son with asthma and not need any help with flares. (12/04/2009)

By katrinka772

RE: Borax for Fleas

We live in Florida and we have a bad infestation in our apt. We have 2 cats and a bird. Needless to say, after much research and this very helpful site, my husband went and bought the 20Mule Borax. I sprinkled it all over the apt, closets, etc.

Tomorrow the cats are going to get a bath at the vet and see what that can do to them, the poor things are highly infested. The rug cleaner expert is also coming tomorrow so I'm going to let that borax sit there for at least 24 hrs and then sprinkle it again behind furniture and balcony. Thanks for all your tips and information. What I am concerned with now is what would be the best for the cats? The vets will tell you anything that sells. Thanks! Payret (01/03/2010)

By Payret

Archive: Borax for Fleas

I had fleas that continually got more widespread. I sprinkled 20 Mule Team borax powder all over my porch (where the fleas were) very liberally. It looked like snow. I could see a small difference that afternoon. I left the "snow" on my porch for a few weeks or until there were no more fleas.

By Liz from Dodson Prairie, TX


RE: Borax for Fleas

While living in an apartment building we put a line of Borax all along the outer top of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and all along the floor where it meets the wall. The cockroaches walked in it and when they go back to their nest to try and clean it off they are killed. (06/11/2010)

By srainey

Archive: Borax for Fleas

How do I use borax to get rid of fleas in the house?

By tlvincer from Canada


Archive: Borax for Fleas

How do you apply borax to carpet to kill fleas?

By Charlia from Natchitoches, LA


RE: Borax for Fleas

Be very careful. I treated my home with borax 14 days ago and my 16 week old kitten was just diagnosed with kidney failure. It seems borax can cause renal failure in kittens. I wish someone would have warned me. (09/14/2010)

By Auntylfe

RE: Borax for Fleas

I had a problem with fleas a few years ago. Even though they say bs safe for animals, it concerned me with 2 elder cats and a dog, plus 4 people in the house tracking it around. So this is what I did; first, I put the borax in a clean Pringles can with holes punched in the top. Before I went to bed, I flipped the furniture over and sprinkled borax under everything and along the baseboards, then put the furniture back over it. Then I sprinkled the borax all over the floor, sort of swept it into the carpet a little with a broom, then covered the floor with bed sheets and the hallway with newspaper, to keep the animals from walking on it. After the kids left for school the next day, I vacuumed the floor really well and washed the sheets. (09/17/2010)

By lyonpridej

Archive: Borax for Fleas

I would like information on killing fleas with borax.

By Kuni from Johannesburg


RE: Borax for Fleas

It didn't work for me. My vet has prescribed Comfortis and it works like a charm. Or you can buy the once-a-month treatment like "Advantage", etc. without a prescription and use it. It will work also. (11/10/2010)

By Stngray

RE: Borax for Fleas

We used borax for two decades. We never had a problem or a flea. I strained the powder through a mesh strainer to break up the clumps. Then sprinkle it on all the carpet and sweep it in with a broom. Don't vacuum for two weeks. After a few treatments, it will last over a year. I had an old Hoover vacuum, not these new super suckers. I would think it is the residual powder under the carpet that makes this work so well and long. This was recommended to me by my exterminator who was leaving my area. We did not have cats, but we had three babies. I also used Adams flea shampoo. I recently found you could purchase it by the gallon. That's the way to go. (12/17/2010)

By suzec58986

RE: Borax for Fleas

I would be careful with borax or any other product not listed for pest control use. Yes it's natural and yes it is safe when used as directed, but it is too easy to over treat when we think something is so very safe.

By The Bug Dr

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